Mummy goes on air this Saturday to share and advocate for Epilepsy and Mental Health


Dear all, I am so so happy, that on no other week but this Holy one (for my Christian peep I wish you merry), mummy goes on air to share her pain, her love and her hope. How I wish I were back home to go with her?

For mums in here, who have lost a dear one to this ‘havoc’ called mental illness and the prevailing ‘shabby’ to say the least system, you must have felt very mixed emotions about it all. Probably you ventilated from shock, denial, hatred, then gradually woke up to reality and its enormity.

Mummy, as you go on air tomorrow on dear Amy Banda’s show called ‘Monuments’ & ‘Views, Voices & Visions’, remember to dress with love. You know all those of us who look up to you, and all those other mothers and families going through same and even worse, without even the least idea of what to make or do anymore. You are a Monument, your views matter so much on this subject, let your voice be heard loud and clear, and fearlessly share the vision you have for your son’s centre and mental health in general.

On behalf of myself and surely other mental health consumers, I want to thank you for wearing this amour – with Love; I also want to thank dear Amy for scheduling you. I have such high hopes for Amy and her show, and in you my rock of a mum!

Dear Gaby my love, if you can hear me: You know beyond measure how grateful I am for you. You who couldn’t advocate for yourself, you who couldn’t share your story, you who had such a signature smile, let your spirit smile us through as we  fearlessly and couragoeusly advocate for others and myself (mental health consumers)…

P.S This is the sequel. She did and she said it was grade. See how faboulous they all were?

Amy, a guest, and Mummy
Amy, a guest, and Mummy

Here is what Mum shared on her Facebook page after the programme:

How can death give birth to hope and life? How does a mother mourn the death of her only son with hope rather than a disaster? How could Mother Mary see Jesus killed but did not fight back? Is it because she knew that he would rise after 3 days? I have found the strength to bear the demise of my son after accompanying him through years of suffering in the stations of the cross during this lenten station. Infact, I wept at the 4th, 13th & 14th stations more than any other ones.
Today is Holy Saturday and the Easter vigil will come to restore hope.I started my vigil with a visit to LTM TV where AMY BANDA, myself and other guests discussed mental health issues and the plight of the victims, my son having been one of them. The hope that Petit Papa’s demise will bring, is the contribution that his foundation and center will bring to epileptics and mental health patients’ upliftment and healing. The book was launched, the work has started with the center under construction and the result of the baseline studies from Lebialem is coming in. The “Handbook of Epilepsy for teachers” is about to be published and the campaign against the stigma, rejection and abuse of epileptics and the mentally ill continued today at LTM.
Can we now conclude that death can give birth to hope and life and that a mother can mourn with hope? To God be the glory!!!!

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