Owning up as a lousy classroom student

I think at some point in life we have to own up to our lousiness in whichever area of our lives.

One of mine has always been as a classroom student. Mum knows I lie not when I say the first years of my primary school, were spent more fighting and playing with water. It sometimes is not fun having one of this upward spinning IQs.

And so all through my 3+ decades, whenever I find myself in formal school, am more attentive to human resources than to formal lessons/notes taking.

My patience is currently tried once more as I attend another of  such. I am dealing with my lousiness as best as I can. Writing my thoughts down is much better than pretending to revise over and again for an exam which should have started long ago!

Ok peeps, have a blissful weekend. I know am not the only lousy classroom student around. My brother at some point just stopped going to them. Maybe because he was ill, but who knows what equally bored him therein?


5 thoughts on “Owning up as a lousy classroom student”

    1. Mummy dearie, you know your daughter best! Admitting to being lousy as a classroom student doesn’t mean my report will reflect that. This I need not promise because that’s what has and will be!

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