It is not too late to learn to bike and co…

Ok people, here is this lady with some thrilling or funny tubes again.

still learning to take off on my own

There I am on a bike, having decided last Tuesday that I could put aside age as a reason for not daring to learn to bike. I have had an interest in biking since when I was a kid, but just didn’t get to do it. The first time I felt bad about not being able to bike was when my son said if only I had a bike then we could bike together. He had just gotten a bigger bike from me. When I asked him to teach me, he said he was afraid I could break his bike.

So, when I was recently connected to an awesome lady who is equally a biker, I knew I just had to bike. I harrased my two dear friends here and they each pledged to help me through (risking their bikes right?). I guess for each of my first two lessons, a fall was necessary to make my third lesson the breakthrough.

I can ride

I admit I still need a push to get pedalling, but I have learnt some big lessons. It’s never too late in most cases. As for biking, pedalling helps with balance, sitting straight especially for a beginner is vital, and focus on where you are going is more important than looking at your surroundings.

My Biggest Supporters and angels

I shared  my biking journey with my son, and he said mama just keep riding. Then there were these two kids who noticed my struggles and clapped for me when I did well. What do I say about my dear Barb who introduced me to Laura the biker? I met Laura today and could talk about biking with her. She is a pro but she was glad to have been an inspiration and motivation. She also gave me some theoritical techniques. And my two dear trainers? The one being prudent, and yet motivating, and the other being so practical and encouraging!

My period of Grace indeed

Mum coined it best today when she said this is a period of Grace for me. Wow, in barely two weeks of joblessness, I have done so much in other areas of my life. Spiritually, emotionally and even physically. I also did my Project Management training and got my PRINCE2 Certification with merit. Indeed I am so grateful and graceful. I thank my Almighty Father – my special and most precious friend, and I thank all the angels on my path. Indeed, I am enjoying informal school.

Dear gentle readers and followers, next on my to learn list is speaking nederlands, and swimming (which I started last summer, although no further lessons since)!!! I know these are not gonna be as ‘fun’ as learning to bike, but I am prepared to keep learning. I humbly think we can very much under all normal circumstances, approach life this way right?


9 thoughts on “It is not too late to learn to bike and co…”

  1. GOOD For you! Biking is great for the balance if you have it…and you are never too old to bike! My mother rode a bike until she was 80…I just don’t have the balance because of some brain damage, but i dunno, never say never; I think I fell off and got scared. Broke a front tooth, too, which was PRIMAL. But ya know, I am getting cowardly, and I could get back on that danged bike too! Mebbe i will, mebbe I will! You never know what I can do!

    1. Well I stopped when I found myself on the ground and the pain in my knee was sgarp Timi! It’s like learning to reverse right? You go backwards until you hear boom! 🙂

    2. As for Prince2, yes it was great learning all that abd passing it with merit. Hope to use it in detail when I move back home… Think of that your post on the anatomy of a move ba k home…?

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