Bike Baptism and discovering the Patience of a Fisherman

I just wanna share some pictures to illustrate this post. Now I can bike indeed and I can take off and stop on my own. Even if that stopping results in this:

Now I am getting there :)
Now I am getting there 🙂

And sure I immediately got up and climbed back on that same bike, a bigger one than the one previously used. I know it takes patience to master anything we set out to do. But men, the patience of a Fisherman?

I had the chance to hold a fishing rod for the first time in my life. I had before that helped to dig up white worms from the ground to be used as baits. All this is discovery! I mean, some of Jesus’ disciples really had to be from this professional background! We sometimes eat fish and take for granted the patience of the fisherman. I tried to smile when I started off:

PF 2 and thought to be hopeful:PF 1 but the bike baptism wasn’t helping and there was no fish in sight. In the end I wished I could just swim away:PF Now is bedtime and I am yet to figure the best position for my knee and whether I should cover up the wound or not. It’ll heal though and tomorrow is sure another day.

Dear gentle readers and followers, indeed as long as we breathe, we can’t say we’ve learnt or seen it all right?


8 thoughts on “Bike Baptism and discovering the Patience of a Fisherman”

  1. Oh, no, those stabbed knees remind me of when I learned to bike as a little girl. My father would push and yell pedal. I would fall. Then when we returned home, after one look at my knees my mother would berate my father. My sister got training wheels. No skinned knees for her.

    As for the fishing, my son used to have a passion for fishing. No more. Last passion of his was for downhill mountain biking. He’d make me watch the cringe-worthy GoPro videos he’d post to YouTube. I’ve had to take both him and my husband to the emergency room for injuries. Scary.

  2. Ah, Marie, you are much gamer than I am! I started riding a bike as a kid, as many kids do, but at age 55 I started up again, riding late at night and early in the morning to avoid the cars. Well, cars were not my problem, not at all. My problem was, as it is for you, the danged Starting and Stopping. In fact, my balance had become so terrible after a neurological infection, that I fell off completely late late one night and broke my front tooth. I still remember biking HOME afterwards thinking WHAT have I done??? All it was was a broken tooth, and that was reparable, but as with Skiing when I was also a child and broke my leg on the ski slopes, I decided, No, Biking is not for this 55 year old, no way! Alas. Alas…I think I may do that often, I think that because I fell off that I can never get back on — so many things in life! Your post gives me not just hope but COURAGE! Thank you!!!’


    PS Alternating cold and hot wraps may help your knee if more than scraped…But I hope you will see someone for it if it is not better in a short time…you don’t want to fool around with your knee!

    1. Oh Sherri,

      Thanks for your comment. I read your post yesterday and was so sorry for you both. I didn’t have the heart to leave a comment but I had and did say a prayer for you both. His times and His ways are best, look up my favourite verse of Proverbs 3, 5-6. Love, Marie

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