Shaggy or what? The Wanderer in Me…


I am just coming in from an errand and it dawned on me to write a post about my propensity to sometime wander around. To refresh on my choice word shaggy, you could read this post.  I recall the chapter in my brother’s memoir which I titled: My Brother the Wanderer!

Today however, I explore those same genes in myself. There is even a chapter in my next memoir titled: Finding the Strength in my Flights into the ‘Wilderness’. The wilderness here referring to both virtual and physical places.

I love bus rides and can sit for hours especially in cozy buses. I also like to discover and rediscover places and don’t mind walking for hours. Saving time is sometimes the least of my concerns when travelling. Indeed I could prefer the bus to the metro, plane or otherwise, if only I could take in the landscape more.  A few friends have outrightly found that ‘curious’. Really, I could be a ‘professional tourist’ if that were some kind of job, or yes why not some ‘guide’?

The issue here I think is that, when someone from indication, appears to be mentally challenged, such a passion may appear or even become grossly exagerated. This is especially true in the mind of the ‘normie’ whose understanding of the other is outrightly ‘limited and biased’.

What therefore is the difference may I wonder here? Is it in the clothes I wear? In the money I can pay for the fare? In the language/conversation I try to, or make during such wanderings?

I proclaim myself a “citizen of both worlds”. I don’t claim to understand either of them to the fullest, but I have first hand experience of trying to navigate and wander in both of them. Even some blogging pals have already qualified me an adventurer and a gammer and I bet you this has just been my entire life. I regret it not, and yet keep wondering enough to want to wander some more.

Dear gentle readers and followers, here is one more mental advocacy post using personal experience. I will keep doing this until I leave this earth. There is still so much stigma and abuse of the ‘mentally challenged’, that I just refuse to keep quiet.

Have a pleasant week you all…


9 thoughts on “Shaggy or what? The Wanderer in Me…”

      1. I agree with you it is easier from the inside. My point is that it isn’t from the outside and yet those supposed ‘normies’ think they know it all – hence the vicious stigma if you get what I mean!

  1. Please never keep quiet! It would not be cool for the rest of us!!! I used to love wandering in the way you describe, and then became “mentally ill” and bedridden. Then, when I was able to get out of bed, I shut down and kept my world very small. I’m doing better now but I still hope to improve in that area. As you know, wandering brings very rich experiences! XOXOXO

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