Marcie Sires my first Psychoterapist and Heroine

I just found this online
I just found this online


It was on a soggy day in February of 2013, that I found my way to Marcie’s apartment after getting lost for over 20 minutes. I was so miserable then and actually depressed enough to want to return back home to my mum in Cameroon. I was barely a month old in Belgium and still found it hard to think I could last another month out here. My issues were numerous. I had come here so unprepared for the Winter I met. I was also very unprepared financially, morally, emotionally and somewhat physically. How was I to survive I kept wondering and praying. School itself was proving though to handle.

The Referal to Marcie

I had the luck to catch the attention of my course convenor. He is a very respected Prof and friend today. I’ll forever be grateful for him and I wish him all the best in life. He had the patience to listen to my rambles then, and then he advised I go see Marcie. I had no money and he said he was going to talk to her. He asked me to go ahead and send her an email and say he was my reference. Marcie replied promptly, and we had an appointment.

Our First and only Session

I didn’t even know she was a psychotherapist, and I didn’t know what that meant. He had said she is a counselor who is equally a ‘friend of the University’. I lived a good 2 hour bus ride from the city of Brussels at the time, but I knew I just couldn’t afford a train ticket at the time. Fortunately I also had a lecture for that evening and so my bus ride wasn’t going to be just to meet Marcie. I left my village at around 11 am with my Lunch Box, hoping to make it to Marcie’s by 3 pm as agreed.  I had no smart phone then, and relied on print outs of google map I always carried. It sure was difficult and this added to my misery.

However, when I finally met Marcie, she was so welcoming. I just burst into tears once offered a seat. I used up tissue upon tissue and gladly drank the cup of tea she offered. Marcie listened to me talk, and she did talk for over 30 minutes with me. She told me her own difficult origins in Belgium and went on to motivate me. She encouraged me not to give up nor give in to the depressing weather. Marcie then offered that I heat up my lunch and have it there. I was so moved. Marcie moved me to further tears, when on my departure, she pressed something into my hands. I was so scared to open them until I was out of the elevator. When I finally opened them and saw not 10, 20 but 50 euros, I almosr collapsed. On that particular day, all I had left in Belgium was 23 euros.

Oh my, I believe in the power of Faith, Hope and Trust in whatever you believe in. I believe in an Almighty Father and I remember shouting Alleluia back then. I called Marcie on her intercom and tearfully told her Thank you over and again. That was the first and the last time I saw Marcie.

I owe Marcie a bouquet before I ever leave Belgium

I definitely will order a bouquet of roses to be delivered to her apartment before I ever leave this Belgium. She fit the perfect description of one of my angels. It was as a result of trying to find her online (unfortunately she never replied to another email from me, maybe she changed addresses?), that I came across her website and got her profile picture. Indeed, she runs a coaching and wellness business with other colleagues. It’s called Life5 Brussels. I just know I was so blessed and graced to have met Marcie then.

Indeed I haven’t given up or in since then. Woah, it’s been a whooping two years of ‘life’s adventures’. I later on signed up with another Life Coach when I had money to pay, and I learned much more. Yet, I must acknowledge Marcie’s presence and motivation in my life. I am greatly inspired by this heroine of mine, and indeed this post has been long overdue…


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