I am the Face of Mental Illness, maybe sometimes you can see from one’s looks, but most times it’s burried deep within them. Some may go through more difficult mental challenges but would for their lives not seek help or even share their experiences, all because of the stigma!!! Say No to Stigma, Say No to labels without helpful treatment and help.

Jill's Experiences with Mental Health , Stigma, Alzheimer's Disease, Grief & Grieving & serenade2seniors

label jars not peopleAre stigma and discrimination the obstacles to a public discussion on mental illness?

Do you know that  having a mental illness is not a sign of weakness?

Mental illness does not mark you as a failure.

Mental illness in your family doesn’t reflect badly on you as a parent.

If you break a leg, people understand but, if your brain goes wrong, they become anxious.

Self advocacy is powerful as I manage to reach people who have experienced or who are experiencing something similar to what I lived through with mental illness. if I can change the  attitude of one person toward mental illness, I will not have lived in vain.

i had to learn to separate my son from his mental illness, but it was difficult.

Stigma is about disrespect. Stigma is about the negative use of labels. Stigma is about discrimination. Stigma is about social exclusion. Stigma makes…

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