How far have you come? Remember the Steam Engine? Don’t give up on yourself!

Steam engine

Hi gentle readers and followers, I admit to a now so so blogging habbit. The weather is changing and so are priorities. Spring is ushering in brighter and warmer days, and so are my dreams, hopes and plans for the future taking on a brighter (though sometimes daunting) outlook.

Let me begin with this huge personal announcement. I realize I have come so far in my life, far enough to go back home to Cameroon and share all this in person. Yes, when one door closes, several others open up. Are we ready to look regretfully at the door which closed behind us, or are we prepared to take one big leap of Faith and look optimistcally for the several others which are probably already open, and all we need to do is walk through?

On another note, this is what happened to me yesterday. Two events actually.

I went biking, and since I am still so excited about this new skill, I decided to challenge myself to a new route once more. I think I have already received an appropriate bike baptism, and don’t fear losing a tooth. i probably only need more patience and determination. Yet, on this new route, I kept pedalling and didn’t find the turn I was hoping would lead me back home. I panicked and decided to return on the otherside of that same route. This was a road by Factories with the sea opposite, and now I was riding by the sea, against the wind. It sure was no fun, and I stopped a good 3 times.

When I got home, I learnt that the turn I had been hoping to reach, was just 300m from where I stopped. I was so disappointed. I remembered this quote a friend shared with us on facebook: “The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come”. I definitely wasn’t appreciating how far I had biked yesterday, I was scared at how far I had to go before reaching the turn.

Well we didn't go to this one, but I couldn't take such an beautiful area view of where we went to :)
Well we didn’t go to this one, but I couldn’t take such an beautiful area view of where we went to 🙂

In the afternoon, I was invited by a family to the Steam engine festival. There was also the WW2 museum. When you get to visit some of these places, and see how much the world has evolved, I bet you you can only leave there inspired and motivated. At least that’s what happened to me. I look at the high speed trains we have today, and wonder if I should be appreciating how far technology has evolved instead of spending my energy bitching when the train is a few minutes late.

And so back to biking, this afternoon, I decided to go back on that route of yesterday. I planed to finish that lag, find that turn, and return home by that other route. It ended up to be a 5.5 km ride, and I did it in 35 minutes ( a new and great record just after two weeks of studies).  Each time I biked and still couldn’t see an end, I just kept smiling and biking. I was proud at how far I had come, and refused to be worried at how far I had to go. My thought pattern was now one of; ‘if you have done this much – you sure can do it all’.

And so gentle readers and followers, here is some inspiration. Appreciate how far you have come. Appreciate how far technology which we today find so unavoidable, has come. Appreciate the beauty around you even as you pedal uphill. There is no mountain without a descent route. I so love this line of C.Dion and R.Kelly’s hit song  titled I am your Angel: “No mountain is too high for you to climb, all you need is some climbing Faith”.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

7 thoughts on “How far have you come? Remember the Steam Engine? Don’t give up on yourself!”

  1. Marie, this a wonderful, inspirational post. I love your positivity. It’s what I need to help push me forward.

    You have come very far, although your journey has been sprinkled with lots of pain and heartache. What I admire about you Marie is your staying power. Instead of giving up, you take take time out, put yourself together and move forward. You always learn lessons from the bad stuff that happens to you in your life. You are definitely one strong and powerful woman. 🙂

    I’ve come far too. And that’s why I’ve decided to turn my blog into one that can support women who are victims of domestic violence. I believe my calling is to help. I’ve always known it but wasn’t sure how to do it. Now with the guidance of God I know what to do. Plus, you have helped me a lot. You inspire me Marie. And I thank God for our paths crossing.

    If you come to the UK again, I’ll be here ready to cook some rice and peas and curried mutton for you. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Oh Junie, am so touched! I am also very happy that I got to visit you when last I was in London! I don’t think I can come again before I return home in August. However, I take very fond memories with me, especially of Joshua coming to me although he usually ran away from strangers. Junie we sure will stay in touch and I wish you all the best with your blog and its direction. Keep the Faith! I hope to guest blog someday.

  2. You’re welcome Marie. Even if you can’t come before August, I would love to see you again.

    Yes you were privileged as Joshua only goes to a few people. He liked you. 🙂

    I would love to stay in touch with you and thanks for the support with my blog. You will be one of the first to guest post after I’ve changed the niche. I’ll be working on that soon.

    Faith is what keeps me going, so I’m holding on to it. 🙂

  3. Oh my dear Fairy Godmother. I needed to read this post of yours today. How did you know that?

    I love how you appreciate the important things in life and put everything into perspective.

    I’m excited about the major changes you’re going to make in your life!
    Lady Dy

    p.s. I loved the photos too! :))) You have the best photos!

    1. Lady, I thought more about you and the book contract when I wrote this post, than I thought about myself! I recall the deal you lost in 2013 due to this BPlar puzzle. But you didn’t give up on yourself and kept sending out proposals. Remember and be proud of how far you have come! Indeed, keep writting and you know how many root for you right?

      1. I’m not sure that many people root for me, dear one – but I know it’s not many at all. HOWEVER, I can’t let that stop me, right? And I won’t! I’ll be proud about where I’ve reached this very moment, as you wisely, wisely advise….please know I adore you and I’m beyond grateful for your glowing support! It’s priceless! XOXOXOX

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