What were my alternatives?

Hi everybody, I want to start of the week by sharing some reflections  and choices made over the weekend in response to the above question!

What spurred the questioning?

Scenario 1

I was invited to spend the weekend with a friend and his family in the Belgian Countryside. I am so grateful for those invitations because they take me away from Brussels and the loneliness I could otherwise feel if I spent those weekends alone. Morever, I get to discover another way of life, and share with others too.

However, I also looked forward to being shown around, and to spending some quiet time with my friend. This has however proven to be difficult because of his numerous responsibilities.

Now, was I to spend a warm saturday afternoon whinning and fuming about that? Were there any alternatives? Could I show myself around and even get some fun in getting lost? Could I dare go on the mini highway with the bike I had at my disposal?

Scenario 2

I had planned to return to Brussels after dinner on Sunday! But the way I already felt by Saturday afternoon, almost got me to decide to maybe return in the afternoon instead.

Was I to go back by bus to Brussels so I could wind atleast 3 hours on the road before I faced my lonely abode? Or could I still stay until after dinner anyway, while doing something else with and for myself like developing some projects for the future?

The choices and their outcome

1)  Saturday Afternoon

I decided to go biking and why not show myself around the village! I started off on the track I knew, then I took one I didn’t know. I ended up doing a 5.5 km in a 35 wooping minutes. I can say I had fun. I had fun in feeling vulnerable against the wind on the bike. I had fun in being able to laugh till it hurt. I had fun in discovering paths and places. Above all, I was proud at my improved biking skills and record. Oh my, I don’t want to imagine the miserable afternoon I would otherwise have had if I stayed home whinning!

1b) After dinner on that same Saturday, I took another brief biking tour in another direction and enjoyed 20 minutes of calm evening breeze against the sunset!

2)  Sunday afternoon

I chose to stay in the village until after dinner anyway. I started off the day by doing the same 5.5 km biking tour. I didn’t break my record, but I improved on my biking. I started creating a blog for my brother’s Foundation in the afternoon, and I was just about going for another biking tour when a family visit to a big park was decided. Oh my, this was becoming exciting. Not only had I never been to that park, but we crossed the canal on a ferry to get there. Another first timer out here and definitely much better than the one I had once crossed back home.

2b) I can’t write enough how I enjoyed the walk in that  park. It was so large, with different sections and various soft and wild life. I saw different animals like roosters, sheep, goats and much more, which I really had not seen since coming to Belgium 2 years ago.  It was such a peaceful walk above all.

I am glad I chose those alternatives!

And you gentle readers and followers, when stuck in life, do you think about the alternatives you may have? Do you end up happy about the alternatives you chose? If not, maybe some more reflections before further actions will be more productive right?

I wish us all a productive week in whatever we are doing. Remember there are often always alternatives and the choice is most often ours to make…


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