Courage under fire

I am a tough woman by my own standards, and I'll keep affirming that until I become tougher!
I am a tough woman by my own standards, and I’ll keep affirming that until I become tougher!

Happy mid week people! Since yesterday, I so felt like my courage was under fire. To be honest, it’s a bitter sweet feeling. Actually it’s a motivating one!

Here is the run up!

I have been without a paid job since the end of March. I know I am not the first to find herself in such a situation, and I know this is just one of those tough times in life. Ha, I even know that tough times never last but tough people do! I claim a slot among such people for my modest self!

And yet, you sure need to be couragoeus to keep waking up to those emails of rejected job applications, while the mail man does his own job delivering the bills right? And when you are in a different world from your ‘cradle of origin’, when you have by some special grace no more than two close friends, hmm melancholy stares enviously from every other spare angle!

Fortunately for me, I have a huge support in the person of my mum. I have an awesome Life Coach who gives me so many free consultations ( He even asked to feel free to spread the word about these free sessions for unsolvable ones like us), and above all I have this big personal Faith in God and my deepest self!

I have thus for over a month witnessed my energy tank deplete, even though I have managed to in the meantime acquire new skills like biking. Yes, I have fought hard to stay in touch with my world, so as not to lie it all under the covers and ‘comfort’ of my bed!

The fire raging above my courage, has woken it up from ‘slumber’ and enabled me to keep warm enough as I create future jobs for myself and why not a few others?

I had the time to finish my memoir a month earlier though, and now I have created a blog for my late brother’s Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing. Together with an IT guru, we are finding ways to re-do the website. I am equally working vigourously on content generation for the sites and also the Project Plan for the Centre I’ll be returning to Cammeroon in August to manage. Also the thrill of finally re-uniting with my boys, just keeps me pushing at all cost. And now, my brain has recently started spinning with ideas as I roam the net and reach out to all I think can help. Special gratitude here to Kitt O’Malley and Lady Dyane.

I dare attest that, my courage being under fire has sparked that anger that gets you pedalling with zeal. Money is an issue, but it shouldn’t and wouldn’t be the cause of a heart attack for me, and why not you?

Dear gentle readers and followers, there is no doubt that moments like these in life are inevitable. Oh me who had thought I had had my fair share? Well, I probably have better rescue plans in place now thanks to all the hurdles I have spent a big chunk of my life skipping over. As my biking skills and record improve, so does my ingenuity to affront those hot flames tampering with my courage as a tough woman! And so, when you feel your courage under fire, I wish and bid you too to rise above the fear and anxiety of a burn and awful scar – feel the heat and dare to ignore it as you keep being and doing.

8 thoughts on “Courage under fire”

  1. Thanks so much for the sweet shout-out to me and Kitt, Marie.

    Once again you’re a mindreader because you wrote thi & I ***really*** needed to read it today:

    “I wish and bid you too to rise above the fear and anxiety of a burn and awful scar – feel the heat and dare to ignore it as you keep being and doing.” I will, I will!

    Much love to you now & always, Magnificent Marie! I’ll do my best to feel the heat and dare to ignore it, and go sit in a shady spot with a fan!

    Lady Dy

      1. Sending me a writing prayer today (please! You’re powerful!) my friend; I’m in my own way this week! I’ll focus on using the fire in a good way as you wisely suggest! 🙂 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Thank you, Marie, for mentioning me and Dyane as supports. I’m flattered. Truly. You are in my prayers as you seek paid employment. Most of all you and your sons are in my prayers as you reunite. No doubt your love for them and pain in having been separated from them is deep. God bless you, Marie.

    1. Kitt, Paid employment is least of my wishes as I return. Seriously, I have Faith in what I am guided by the great I Am to direct. As a Lawyer, I am self employed. Above all, re-uniting with my sons is something money can not replace. I equally have my prodigal mother’s open arms and home. I am just so blessed to be stressed now. Wishing you all the best 🙂

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