What do we really think about Mental Illness??? I have my thoughts too!!!

So many questions, so many puzzles, lets dare2 talk about it

At least fortunately today is Friday!

Dear World, while I type frantically away, all pumped up with ideas almost racing my mind away, probably due to the fire fuelling my courage, I at least know I should take a break before my own mental health goes down shaggy lane once more. I won’t write much this day, because I am working so much behind the scenes trying to create a better blog and social presence (uh huh I dared to start a blog on tumblr too) for the Gbm Foundation for epilepsy and mental wellbeing. Check out my recent efforts here, and why not leave a comment or kindly share.

And so, what do we really think about mental illness? What do the mentally ill look like? How should they be treated or even try to treat themselves?


I sincerely wish us all a pleasant weekend ahead. I have some warm ideas for mine too, and when the hour comes, am off cause I already feel anxiety and irritability creeping in…, and am glad to have the support network I do…

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