Four Forewords for my Memoir: F1

I am one Lucky Woman, I am one Blessed Lady, I wish many could feel it too in their lives
I am one Lucky Woman, I am one Blessed Lady, I wish many could feel it too in their lives

I may not be a seasoned or 3 star writer, but I sure have read my lot of books. I know that forewords play a big introductory part, especially in works from some aspiring writers dreaming to become Daniel Steel or Maya A. someday, like my modest self.

How happier could I be?

And so dear gentle readers and followers, can you tell me how happier I could be when all those I approached with the request to write a foreword for my memoir, said a big yes? I then thought of asking them to write on whatever struck them most while they kindly proof read same. I mean, my unconventional self was proud to have a memoir with not the usual one foreword. Afterall, wouldn’t it be all the more interesting to have those many forewords?

Given the diverse and yet sensitive chapters of this other thrilling memoir of mine, I was happy to have those who knew what I was writing about, from a first hand perpective, to share some of that with my readers. I hope you come back each time I post one of those forewords, which are not only about my memoir, no they are about real life twists and turns!

F1: From Jeff My Coach

Indeed, there is a big difference between a Life Coach and a Therapist. They may very well be doing similar therapeutic work with you, but one of them is dare I say unprofessional and the other not. I have had both! As much as my psychotherapist helped me face and deal with some issues, I got turned off by her over ‘professionalism’ and of course the cost of those sessions. I am however so happy to have known Jeff and to be able to get along this well with him. There is much about that relationship in one of those chapters, and although I have never met him in person, that’s on my wish list.

A Dynamic, Determined and Dedicated Woman, by Jeffrey I. Moore

” When Marie reached out to me to write a forward to her memoir, I was both honoured and excited. This is Marie’s third memoir since I met her and became her life coach, and it’s awesome to watch her express herself at such a high level. Thank you, Marie for this awesome honour and thank you for sharing your stories, struggles, insights, victories and vision with us. We are all better people because of it.

When I first met Marie she was thinking about publishing her first memoir. It was just a thought, a wish, an idea. She had not allowed the idea to flourish and grow roots because, like most people, she was concerned with what other people would think and how they would react. Not only that, but Marie had never written/published any book or memoir before – she simply just didn’t know how. Most people would have taken that as a sign. A sign to stop right there because it just isn’t meant to be. But, Marie had other plans.

Here we are 3 memoirs later. The funny thing is, this isn’t about the memoir. It’s about the person Marie has become in order to author 3 memoirs. If it’s just to have a wish, everyone has one. It’s easy to say someday, we all do.

But it’s clear, that Marie makes things happen. Watching Marie develop a caring, loving, and compassion ‘whatever it takes’ attitude has empowered her and everyone she meets, coaches and works with. She has become a force due to her own making. She is living in her terms and of course guided by her enormous Faith. 

Marie, thank you so much again for allowing me to introduce the third memoir you authored to the world. Thank you for leading and living by example.”

Jeffrey I. Moore USA|Educator, Life Coach & Motivational Speaker|

Dear Gentle readers and followers, please look forward to F2 hopefully on Thursday. This time, it’ll be more about one of the most delicate issues of our times: “Domestic Abuse” – the subject of my very first chapter. 

Have a pleasant week


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