My Healing Journey: Calling Domestic Abuse by its name


Hi all, this is going to be a brief but once more poignant post. I am preparing for my book launch on Facebook next Sunday the 24th of May, and I heartily invite any of you who can make it to join us.

I want to share a guest post I did on June my Jamaican Heroine‘s blog. Her blog is building a very warm niche for domestic abuse victims and it has lots of useful resources and other articles too. I wrote about how my healing from domestic abuse started when I decided to call it as such. June calls me a strong woman, but I find my strength from within. I find it in my Faith which has stood the test of time.

Sometimes we hurt until we just can’t go on anymore. Then we make the radical decision to call out it by its name. That is what Nancy did after 20 years of bondage. She wrote the F2 to my memoir and I am most obliged to this amazing woman and friend of mine. In my own case, I am calling them out by their various names, and I am sharing my healing journey in various memoirs. The first one on My Unconditional Loves: My Hurts, My Adulteries, My Redemption, not only opened the healing gates for me, but it even earned me a Voice of the Voiceless Award.

I wish us all a happy weekend and lots of peace and grace in your respective journeys. You may not be there yet, you may not be up to writing a memoir yet, but it can only get better if only you dare to name those hurts and face them as an imperative part of your healing journey.


10 thoughts on “My Healing Journey: Calling Domestic Abuse by its name”

  1. Hi Marie,

    Thanks again for guest blogging on my blog. Your post was really useful. It encouraged other women to share their domestic abuse stories as well. That’s fantastic, as it will encourage and support others who need it.

    And I’m really looking forward to reading your book Marie.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, and the like regarding ICathy1950. She is an warm and wonderful blogger. I do so hope you return as I will be posting several pieces that might interest you. so you will have it handy, I am at

    Thanks again for your visit. Be well. Keep us posted on the festivities surrounding your book launch. Be well.

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