F4 to My Memoir: A Woman of Faith indeed, By Barb Parker

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    On Sunday, I host yet again another event on Facebook to launch my memoir . I had done this for each of my previous works, and the attendees have been increasing with each book launch. I was therefore looking forward to sharing the various forewords to this memoir before the D-Day. You can read them by clicking F1, F2, F3(1), or F3 (2) if you missed reading any of them.

    The F4 is from my dear friend Barb Parker all the way in Canada and once more I most honoured and humbled to have such people in my circles.

    ” It was an honour to be chosen to edit and proofread Marie’s memoir. Although Marie and I have never met in person, we share a love for writing, helping others and facing challenges with courage and Faith. Marie inspires me through her writing and encourages me with her strong desire to Dream Big and follow her Dreams.

    With each one of Marie’s books that I have read, I realise that people are placed in our path for a reason. Perhaps I will never meet Marie’s family, but I have come to know Marie’s family through her words. I may never travel to the places where Marie has travelled, but I can now create in my mind, a picture of her homeland, her places of studies, her bus routes, and her places of residency. This was made possible by Marie’s creativity through her words, which pull the reader into her world.

    Marie is a dynamic writer, an inspiration to All women. When her world seems to be almost shattered, she has the courage to push forward, stand strong and keep moving forward with dignity and courage until she reaches her ultimate goal.

Marie, much like myself, relies on her “Faith” to get her to the next level, whether it be in her writing, her speaking, her   travels, or her daily commitments in life.

I am Blessed to call Marie A. Abanga, a “Friend” and I trust each person she meets along her journey will be inspired by her strength, determination and dedication to make this world a better place. Barb Parker- Canada, Author “My Sister’s Journey From Headache to Heartache, and “The Choice My Path My Destiny”


2 thoughts on “F4 to My Memoir: A Woman of Faith indeed, By Barb Parker”

  1. Wow – what a beautiful testimony and foreword, Marie. Barb sounds like such a wonderful friend to have in your corner – what a blessing! I’m sorry that I can’t participate at your eveent via Facebook (you know I left, yes? I blogged about the reasons why…) 😦 but it has been a gift in disguise to take a break from it I will be there with you and your attendees in spirit. I will also promote your memoir via Twitter, which I enoy very much and I won’t be leaving it anytime soon! 😉

    Much love to you!

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