Finding the ability in my disability


Although in my recent memoir I didn’t include how I found the strength in what remained of my hearing impairment, I am glad to share with you today that I have so embraced that disability of mine to the extend of liking the ability to ‘ tune off’…

I recal a post I did pretty early into my blogging journey, sharing my fear of wearing my hearing aids in public. I was often reminded by my friend to wear them even while at home, and I remember the first day I went to his parents with my hair pulled back…

I have come a very long way, and even sometimes forget to take them off before sleeping. I have no hair to cover them anymore, and they are now simply a vip part of me.

What I appreciate most, is the ability to ‘tune out’ when the noise around gets overbearing. The noise from the trains, trams, and all, don’t work me up as when the aids are on max. For a travel lover like myself , being able to ‘tune off’ from such noise makes even the longest train ride (like one I took this weekend without knowing) bearable.

I equally am able to ‘tune off’ during a heated conversation, an annoying or boring meeting…, and just keep my smile.

Dear all, if we are able to find the ability in a disability, isn’t that wonderful?


3 thoughts on “Finding the ability in my disability”

  1. Fantastic post. I’m glad you’re able to embrace what you call a disability. Although, I wouldn’t call it that. Anyway, it’s good to accept it. None of us are perfect and it’s encouraging to read your story.

    Have a blessed afternoon Marie. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by. The way we call whatever doesn’t change what’s happening to you. Or rather shouldn’t. Some names have come so laden with stigma that it’s a big pity to go by such. I am not one to shun those names if only they can help me deal with a situation better 🙂

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