Maybe I too could become a model for real?

Hi all, I admit I am one foot down and three foots up. It’s 1.30 am here and my eyes are as bright as ever. I can’t even list all the writing I have done in the past hours. Indeed since morning, my fingers only got me to take a break in the afternoon around 3 pm. Maybe I am excited at some future prospects? Or just the thought of maybe making some bucks in July as a model? That is if am not yet old school for that right?

So here is the modeling thing

Several years ago, some agent had lulled me into hanging around training to become a model. I tried for 2 months and just couldn’t hold it. And yes there was mum to fear because although we lived in different cities, I had not been sent to get a law degree just for modeling right?

Now, my dear friend here in Brussels has decided to take his passion for photography to a higher level. Not only wanting to shoot “Belgian Clear Blue Skies”, and with some unreliable train schedule that took us almost 4 hours to get to a beach where he hoped to make wonderful photos; he enlisted me as his model. See for yourselves what he got and then tell me what you think please and thank you! Yet, it ain’t easy – the patience and all, both for the model and photographer…

6 thoughts on “Maybe I too could become a model for real?”

  1. Marie, I think you should go for it. You could try the natural look like you did in these photos, or put on some makeup for another look. You’re beautiful either way. 🙂

    1. Oh Pammy, so are you drawing one of mine please? Remember the one you started at the Brat retreat and didn’t finish before I left? Wish that could have been completed and sent with the other stuffs. But there’ll always be another way. I love it when you do art, then I know you are in tune with yourself.

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