Brussels By Night At Last!!!

So moved not by the music, but by the feat just achieved
So moved not by the music, but by the feat just achieved

I had seriously been holding my breathe to see how I will leave this Belgium without checking out Brussels by Night!

The urge to comprehensively check places out

When I go to a new place, I am often fighting with the urge to comprehensively check that place out. This to me means, checking it out in the three main parts of the day. I mean in the morning, you have the morning people and places. Sam thing for the afternoon, and even more so for the night. And men, night time checking is not done by just anyone right? Yet, I often feel I didn’t check out a place right if I left out the night part especially when I stay there for long.

Two Years was Pretty Pretty Long

Ah, the Marie of today is a different person!!! To live in Brussels, the Capital of Europe, for oh 2 years and 4 months, and not even for once check out one of those special night joints?

And so, when I got an invitation from a friend to go check out a chic “Havana Club”, the temptation was too hard to resist. I saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity especially as my days out here are henceforth very and happily numbered.

There were some  little glitches however:

  1. I was still in Spain when I received the invitation, and I didn’t know how tired I was going to be when I finally made it to Brussels after 6 or so hours of travelling;
  2. I didn’t so much feel like a night out on this day when I was feeling so sad at having missed my first son’s graduation from Primary school;
  3. How was I even to return to my flat after that?

Wow, my mind was however quickly made when he told me he had a car and could pick and drop me off. I then decided to go for  it  (almost shouting a big YES I DO),  and to dance enough to compensate for the gym I had missed the whole week. And anyway, the graduation was actually a cause for celebration and this lousy roaming melancholy wasn’t going to steal that away from me.

I had fun until my feet cried fowl

For two hours non stop
For two hours non stop

And men that club didn’t even have chairs (well in some upper floor they did). I didn’t even want to sit down in the first place. I was checking Brussels By Night at long last, and I was at the gym all in one.

My Feet survived two hours and it was time to go home and have a foot bath before sleeping.

 Feet Bath; Pay back time

Feet Bath; Pay back time

I know I’ll be going by Street earth only once, and so I am trying my best to suck the life out of that one way ticket. In short, everything being equal, America here I come next week 🙂


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