Jetlagged as in ambushed brain: Nobody warned me it could hit me so…

Brussels International Aiport prior to departure


I had been looking forward to coming to America, and although I am no Princess of Zemuda, I knew I could handle it – the bug (or is it big) Apple I mean 🙂

The flight was way too cool for an MJC (Mary Just Come). Well, not that I have not flown long distances before, but not to the US of Uncle Sam, and not on a UA flight with food and drinks at almost all times. Then the movies: flight could have lasted 10 hours for all I care 🙂 I think I agree I did deserve some fun

Check who just landed after some gym on the plane?

You see, I landed here like a gangster lady ready for some “spell it all out…”

My eyes were red uh huh, I was getting itchy uh huh, my brain noted it was already midnight where I came from uh huh, so sleep where were though?

Now there were people to see and excitement in the air, whassaps even to some snoring in little Belgium – sure no reply what did I expect?

Then it was finally bed time, but in Belgium (and my brain too), it was wee hours of morning. Now was that simply the jetlag or an ambushed brain?

I slept for 3 hours, woke up and paced for 1 hour, wrote to Belgium with or without replies, and then managed to sleep again for 2 hours. I decided to write this post and get this bug out of me 🙂

Anyway, I now think I need to take this jetlag or time trying to ambush my brain seriously. Tonight better be a better one cause I don’t wanna go shaggy from a poor sleep hygene 🙂

I write this post not only for fun, but also to maybe warn some other MJC out there looking forward to her own ” Coming to America”. Indeed, I love the chant ‘ Come and see America Wonder, do you know America Wonder…’

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