Who is who in America?

who is who in America?
who is who in America?

I have been in America for roughly 6 days now, and although that may not be considerable enough time to observe much and beef up such a post, I still think I have noticed something.

There is this quote I came across in a book am reading called “Blue Code”, written by an ex psyc unit nurse. He says: ” Unfortunately the ‘sane’ adult world has no tolerance for such blatant honesty…”. I have found this to be for real especially out here, as I crisscross visiting the ‘high and the lowly’, coming across some ‘good, bad and ugly’.

So who is who in America?

I remember as a kid, admiring some sort of award an uncle of mine had received during his studies in America. He received that in the year of my birth – 1979, and it was from his university where he had been the top top student that year. But today, I dare to ponder if  such an award doesn’t exist invisibly for those who own the most… (Fill in the blanks).

Who is who wherever?

Is it the man/woman with that big heart like my friend Richie, or the one with that big car? Is it the fanciest dressed or the jolly radiating person? The one living in the mega super equiped condo or vila, or the small warm and love filled studio? The diner who eats the super jumbo deli and shops like a hop? I came across this quotation from Michelle Obama and it’s funny am right here on her soil and seeing some of such things for myself. I remember the movie The Pursuit of Happiness by Will Smith and I go; men am on that Uncle Sam’s vineyard now.

Does she say this because she already has the money anyway?
Does she say this because she already has the money anyway?

I hear it’s all in the culture

I was mentioning this to a dear friend, when I was told it was all in the culture. Maybe more in a culture where a who is who back then, was determined by how many slaves you owned? By how many wives, children, cattle and whatever you owned?

Dear readers and followers, I never gave capitalism so much thought until I came to America last week. I am yet to see much, but I have seen some, even firsthand. I smile when I receive a gift, but my donor and I know I’ll be giving same over to the very next person I pick out who needs same. I sure don’t want to be a who is who in this life, if such a person is defined material possessions. Material, intellectual and otherwise possessions may be necessary (especially to make a bigger difference in the lives of others) and even good (for wellbeing), but they don’t sure equate to Happiness.


6 thoughts on “Who is who in America?”

  1. Welcome! I think that capitalism is what you make of it. It can be defined by material possessions and worth, but it can also be all about helping other people and reaching a bigger audience to provide service. It’s all what you make of it 🙂

  2. Beautifully written as always, Lady Marie. Would’ve written sooner but our power went off yesterday, which made me appreciate the basics so much more – having fridge that works, and the ability to use the internet and washer. We live simply in this small house and drive old cars. Lucy gets spoiled the most! 😉 I know that things won’t make me happy, but staying out of the hospital, being with my family, writing, our internet community & leading my support group are priceless. XoXoXo

    1. And sure, attending a writer’s conference too right? What I meant with my musings was just to encourage each of us to really think about what makes us happy as we pursue ‘success’ – which ever way we look at it 🙂

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