Meeting Sherry and drinking same

When for an introduction picture I have not one photo but a gallery, it means I am short of words. Yet, the writer in me will type on…

Sherry my Heroine

Sherry and I in Vienna, Austria 2013
Sherry and I in Vienna, Austria 2013

I met Sherry in Vienna in 2013 and fell in awe of Sherry. The above is a photo we took at a Diversity Ball and you could read the post I did on Sherry back then. Could I imagine then I’ll ever set foot in America? I mean after three denials of this ‘prestigious’ visa? Could I dream I was going to be invited by Sherry to spend a night at her place? And ride her “Mercedez bicycle” while she bravely made it on her son’s?  What kind of luck or charm do I have for such good tidings?

Once Sherry read on facebook that I was coming here, she invited me over to spend a night with her. She said she was going biking just then, and I playfully asked if we could do it together when I came. Oh my, Sherry said yes! I was in bliss, and I really wish I could swim – there was this cool pool in her complex:

Wishing I could Swim
Wishing I could Swim

Biking in Arlington and drinking Sherry

Arlington, Crystal Palace, hmm for an MJC and a newbee biker. I did it, only telling Sherry later how scared of ‘screwing up I was’. Biked 30 minutes on the Sunday I got there, and one good hour on Monday Morning. And then there was my meeting with China. We went for each other the minute I walked in there, and she cuddled on my feet as I enjoyed my sleep. And yes before sleeping relunctantly that night from exhaustion, I devoured from Sherry’s barbecue, ate sweet potatoes (which I could never dream was eaten out here), and drank Sherry. Probably a first time too for drinking sherry, cause I don’t recall ever told I was drinking that 🙂

We equally had some real woman to woman conversations, and I just don’t know what to do to show Sherry how much all that meant to me!

and that wasn’t all to this invitation…

One other good tiding

Now, I had met a professor in Spain the previous month at a workshop, and he said we could have lunch if he were in the US when I came. So now here I am and I find myself on a Monday in no other city but Arlington where he lives. Oh my once more, he picks me up, takes me to some Island not far from the RR Airport, shows me a place or two like the Pentagon and co, and treats me to some deli salad.

Island on the way to Alexandria close to the RR airport
Island on the way to Alexandria close to the RR airport

Someone really tell me how to say thank you!!!

I don’t know why I had not written this post before, maybe I was saving it for the weekend. But now, after meeting Richie, Marilyn, and my own Shoop baby, it was all too good not to share and keep saying thank you to my stars and angels. This weekend is coming up with activities and although the coming week will be emotional as I go to Boston (where my brother toiled and died),  I am sure going to smile when I think of my angels like Sherry…

Dear gentle readers and followers, count your blessings name them one by one… keep record of such good tidings cause they’ll cheer you up in those dark moments which are equally sure to rode around

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

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