Merry Marie meets Merry Marilyn

Sometimes, human nature goes contrary to this law of physics
Sometimes, human nature goes contrary to this law of physics

I don’t know if the above law of physics works as well for human relations. What I know in my own life is that, I have been more attracted to people with whom I share something in common. Even if we don’t always see or feel this at first glance.

Feeling it at First glance with Marilyn

I didn’t know that an arrangement had been made by an initial host to be picked up from the airport by gracious Marilyn. Although that didn’t happen, she still found it to come by where I had ended up, and to drive me back to that host’s place. I fell in awe with her and could feel the awe some must have had around the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn is merry to put it simply. I am merry too by self-baptism. She radiates positive energy and I was just sitting there that first night, listening to her with droping jaws. Men, she knows DC inside out. Needs no GPS. Then Marilyn offered to show me round some of DC’s hot em famous spots.

Sigthseeing and al with Marilyn

Yes Marilyn ain’t Richie and wouldn’t know about the deep south, but she sure knows the White House and Sidwell Friends where the Obama girls go to school. She picked me up from Union Station yesterday just as I came in from NC, and I was honoured. It was 2.30 pm and traffic knew no tolerance. She drove me around the DC mall, Mass Av, and you name the rest. Then we discovered we loved visiting the art museum.

The Great Gallery of Art

Well, that's the art in this picture on my Marilyn - Blurry I know
Well, that’s the art in this picture on my Marilyn – Blurry I know

I love Art and I consider myself a word artist 🙂

We spent two hours in there and just had to leave so she doesn’t get a parking ticket. The pictures are still in my camera but here is one I took with my phone. It may not be gorgoeus, but the feeling is also part of the art 🙂 Wow, this indeed is one big US Adventure and am just on day 7 🙂

A beautiful painting in my opinion
A beautiful painting in my opinion

The pursuit of Happiness

I didn’t know I was going to learn so much from Marlilyn on this subject. I wrote about Who is Who in America before she picked me up. We were chatting like mum and daughter especially after Marilyn found out I was just a year older than her first girl. She told me that one of her daughters had refused to go to private school and works in a restaurant. She says she is happy at that level. Marilyn herself has given up her legal practice and has such a wonderful voice which moves people to tears in her church. She played one of her songs for me on her phone. She is happier doing community and outreach stuffs.

How do you say Thank you?

A friend of mine is almost tired of asking me Thank you for what this time around? I just think I can’t say thank you enough. I wish I could do some thank you time if that existed. There is so much in life to be grateful for. Among them is meeting people each day who impact you in such a tremendous was. Marilyn who has never met me, made the time to pick me up, thrice already, show me around yesterday, and drop me off at my host. I am an emotional person and tears are usually close around when I am this touched. Even when my sister bought me a dress, I supressed tears and really didn’t think she should have gone so out of her way.

And so dear gentle readers and followers, Thank you so much for reading and following my blog. I wish us all to meet people like Marilyn, Richie and al in life…

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

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