Surviving a Heavyweight Day…

A very tough highlight of the day
A very tough highlight of the day

I had started preparing for my heavyweight day by writing about it here. I knew it was going to be a very tough day and I was hoping to be tougher. I spoke at length with my uncle before leaving the house, and he was so understanding. In short the first thing I did when I saw him was cry. He embraced me and let me cry till my emotional muscles started firming up. The above picture is infront of the apartment where Gaby last lived. His was the third floor.

North Shore Community CollegeI went by the North Shore Community College where he tried to study for a while, by the moneygram dealer where he cashed his money, and finally I found my way to My Brother’s Table: My Brother's Table where he told me they served balanced diets including yoghurt. I was offered lunch and indeed got a balanced diet:

Having lunch at the table
Having lunch at the table

I had earlier written to them asking if I could volunteer, and I got a prompt response with the following lines:

Hello Marie,

We are so sorry about your loss. It is so nice to hear that My Brother’s Table was able to provide good meals and a welcoming environment for Gabriel. You are welcome to cometomorrow to volunteer at lunch. The timeframe is 10:30am-1pm and you will be helping make the lunch, serve lunch and clean up after lunch. Perhaps you can even serve the yogurt…!

I wish I could volunteer longer, but for now I have been invited to volunteer for lunch and supper. I’ll see how that goes anyway before making any decision there.

I felt better enough to visit  a new born baby in the afternoon, and one of my paternal cousins in the city. I am grateful to my unce and wife, to mum, and to my numerous friends both off and online. Tomorrow is another day, let’s see how it goes, and what the experience holds. I am doing some mental preparations to not only survive tomorrow, but to thrive at my ‘day’s job’.

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