Mental health patient or prisoner ? Who are they Kidding?


Hello world,

I thought there was some change in 2015 at least in Big Uncle Sam’s. Change in the way MH Patients were treated in State Hospitals ( not prisons by appellation)…

I am simply put, appalled. What my eyes have seen, and my ears heard, or even my nose sniffed? Oh, I should better keep this post short…

A very dear and elderly friend, was transported from an ER to a ‘State Hospital’ in shackles on the wrists and hands. Yes she could have been a danger to herself before being rushed to the ER, but no, by the time she left there she had been sedated enough to be more zombie than anything…

Then am told of a ‘No Touch Policy’. It almost crushed me yesterday. I was touching her and giving her a hug, trying to reassure her of my love and the possibility there still was for things to get better – there was Hope like the ring on her finger said!

I see big bill boards everywhere with the caption:  “We’ll help you find the Strength”. How will that be done I wonder? Through all those giant metal doors? When there may as well be a ‘No smiling Policy soon’?

And boy, do people gulp meds in there! Out of 10 guests (let me call them guests for some lighter tone), 8, to be kind, all walk around ‘droopsy’ and looking like a ‘fluffed Alice in Wonderland’… It is hard to expect a response to your Hello, not to talk of expect one… May be that to is forbidden?…

I visited a halfway home (called Alternatives) which from what I gather and feel, treats their own guests way better…

How are these MH Patients to be treated enough not to keep coming back? Oh well, maybe if they don’t come back or stay there ad infinitum, some ‘cash will be lost’? I hear the bill goes to the moon when restraints have to be used because more staff are used etc etc.

They (staff and Ps) barely talk or look at each other, there is a tense divide between the two groups (both may as well be mentally challenged and disturbed if you ask me), treatment plans are just policies and protocols read out to you and you have 60 seconds to blink an affirmation or get out…

Ha, I may as well be done speaking about what I have seen and heard out here… I really wish my dear Pammy all the best. At least at the end of this drawing she gave me, there is her ring of Hope …



9 thoughts on “Mental health patient or prisoner ? Who are they Kidding?”

  1. Wow, this was heartbreaking to read,….the picture is amazing, as is the concept of the Ring of Hope. Love to you…so good to hear your voice yesterday!!!!

      1. Sorry to cut you off so many times, dear one – I was in a parking lot full of screaming children waiting to pick up my girls at a free bible day camp (I’m not religious, & I’m technically Jewish, but Craig was baptized Catholic so we figure it’s okay if they go for just a week and it’s ***free****!!!!) Craig calls me “Scissors” as I cut off his sentences so much, especially when I’m excited, which I was to speak with YOU!!!!!! XOXOOXX Still need to catch up on your older posts but I hope you are doing MUCH better today!

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