Meeting the awesome Reuben, Julie and the Inclusion Centre…

Ruben and I
Ruben and I

Meeting awesome Reuben and Mum

It was with so much pleasure that I accepted Julie’s invitation to go for a long walk with her son Reuben. Julie was introduced to me by Pam, who talked (well, she writes and I read cause no voice back yet) so nicely about the Inclusion Centre she ran. I called Julie as a result, on Thursday night, and boom the invitation for Friday 9 am. I was picked up at Pam’s and we went to an amazing area of VT. I mean, the nostalgia was wild – just like in my own village of origin. Here is my selfie with Julie:

Julie and I
Julie and I

The lovely Twosome

One thing that struck me about this duosome is the ‘buddy’ pair they were. And yet, this didn’t stop Reuben from having fun at our worry. He took off like on a F1, and almost got us almost using a loudspeaker. Of course he arrived way before us and looked really happy:

The one and only Ruben
The one and only Reuben

Reuben is simply put fun to be with. He knows a lot of information and his mum Julie often asks him the direction to someplace, or some help with IT stuffs. Reuben has done this wonderful youtube clip you will all be touched watching:

Meeting the others at the Inclusion Centre

After this beautiful walk for well over 2 hours, we went to the Inclusion centre run by Julie and all the guests. It was so beautiful. I left initially to go visit Pam at 1 pm following my twice a day special visitor pass, and I came back pleased to talk to the audience following Julie’s invitation. Oh my they were so thrilled to learn about Cameroon in Africa, my story in brief and the work I have started with the Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Welbeing. The discussions were so interactive, followed by a bubble trouble party. Ruben and co also played ball and I was simply put so touched. There are some you tube clips of the Inclusion centre and you can have an idea of the atmosphere from their website.

Dear Gentle readers and followers, I am so grateful to my sweet Pammy for inviting me to the US, and for introducing me to Julie, Reuben and the other wonderful members of the Time Trade Community who stopped over at her place to visit me in the evening. It’s been a soulful trip to Brattleboro, and yet I feel like it’s been the best leg of my US Adventures. I leave back for DC and MD tomorrow, for a more quiet visit with other family before flying back to Belgium. Thank you all so very much.

Find more about the wonderful Inclusion Centre:

facebook page: inclusion center, Brattleboro, Vt

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

3 thoughts on “Meeting the awesome Reuben, Julie and the Inclusion Centre…”

  1. Wow – I wish I could have been in that audience to hear you speak.HOw amazing you were able to share about your life and your new foundation.

    I can’t believe how much you’re packing into this trip! (Well, maybe I can!) I admre your fearless spirit for diving into the New. The selfies/pictures are wonderful, as are your descriptions of your meeting new friends. You make things happen wherever you go. Much love to you, my friend.

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