Precious Portrait & Pics

Precious Potrait
Precious Potrait

I have admired portraits, and I have visited Art Galleries and Museums especially since moving to Belgium. I have wondered in awe what the artists seek to represent and pass on through their work.

I get to have my own Portrait too

I didn’t think of asking my dear Pammy for a Portrait given the shape she was in. Indeed, yesterday, here is an excerpt of a mail she sent me: “I am not feeling that great so maybe one visit would be fine”. Well, I didn’t see the mail before going there at 1 pm, not that I was going to visit her only once on my last visiting day right? When I saw her, she was actually already soso and was instead concerned that I looked sad. She thought I would be happy with a portrait. I agreed to sit for one, hoping it carried her away to that ‘magic artistic world’. Em, I didn’t know sitting still wasn’t fun 🙂 At some point, Pammy had to use pens and colours to get my attention. Well, end result is the precious portrait above. My first ever, from none other but my sweet Pammy, from a hospital, in whatever condition they are kept in there!!! Isn’t it simply gorgeous? I wonder if am really that sweet and peaceful looking 🙂 Anyway, I visited Pammy twice yesterday and she was doing much better by the time we gave ourselves ‘air hugs’ before I left at 8 pm with my portrait 🙂

Other priceless pics from Bratt (short for the town right?)

Bratt by Day, wearing Pammy's clothes
Bratt by Day, wearing Pammy’s clothes

This was on Thursday, on my way to visit Pammy. I missed her in the apartment, and decided to wear her clothes. I wasn’t sure how she’ll react to that, and I didn’t call her before coming because it would have taken some gymnastics to get her response (she still can’t speak). But oh, Pammy was so happy and asked me to keep the clothes. Indeed, she invited me to take all I wanted from her closet – em that’s not feasible nor kind of me if I do so right? 🙂

Pammy's Kitchen which I had cleaned up to my big satisfaction
Pammy’s Kitchen which I had cleaned up to my big satisfaction

Pammy had been taken away in a haste, and even before then she was no longer in a position to “tidy up” anywhere. And that was over a month ago. Her first concern was how I was going to cope in there. Fortunately, I have had a small cleaning agency before and I love cleaning up. I mean, I once wrote a post about how I became a professional cleaner. I was satisfied with all I did in the apartment, and Pammy and others were glad too. Really, the pleasure is mine…

Bratt by Night
Bratt by Night

The Area girl in me again right? So I push for a night out (well up to 11.55 pm) with Pammy’s awesome neighbour. It was wonderful. Just the kind of pub I was looking forward to. The bartender cum owner, just knew everyone, and even knew someone (a Kenyan ) who knows lots about Cameroon. The female football team had just beat the Chinese in the ongoing female world cup tournament, and she thought those girls meant biz 🙂 As for the Kenyan who had to show up at 11 pm, well am sure the BMT (Black Man Time) bee stung him again and he was back in hospital 🙂

Dear gentle readers and followers, I am just so so grateful to Pam. I really really wish her so so much. Oh, if wishes were horses… I’ll be galloping all the time…


17 thoughts on “Precious Portrait & Pics”

  1. Hello, my sweet Bombo! I am happy to read this post, and the portrait is beautiful….as well as the photos. I was sick for a few days (still am, and sad), so I am just catching up. I hope you are doing well and staying strong. I texted you a few days ago but did not hear anything back so I was worried. ❤

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the spectacular portrait ***and*** the truly incredible story behind it. You are a true angel to have visited Pammy so faithfully, as well as tidy up her apartment and just be so loving in all kinds of ways. I’m glad she was doing better on the last day when you stoped by there for the air hug! And how beautiful she wanted you to keep the clothes and even offered you more….:)

    1. Sweet,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes the trip has gone well so far so good. Some real soulful moments and others so cheerful just as well. Both of us will sure treasure the time spent together 🙂

    2. Thank you Kate, indeed the trip has been much more than I anticipated. A thrilling one indeed. Some real soulful moments like this visit with Pam, and some jolly ones too. She and I will forever treasure this moment!

    1. Dear Kitt, I did the whole house actually. You can imagine how chaotic it can sometimes get especially for ‘shaggy’ ones like us right? I just wish I could help with the internal cleaning of my friend’s ‘demons’. I so love the portrait too. All the best to us all

  3. Dearest Marie,

    Finally, some two years later, i am seeing these posts…feeling pain at my memories, which they recall to me, of this horrible hospital stay, but also glad to have memories of your visit also remembered here for me, as i was in such bad shape at the time that i wonder how many memories i ever did store…

    Anyhow, i had forgotten so very much until your several posts about your visit to Brattleboro and me reminded me. For instance, while i remembered the portrait, i did not recall that black and white drawing at all! Somglad i gave you the one with the Ring of Hope in it.

    Wanted to tell you as Kitt O’malley did above that i am indeed truly blessed to have you as a friend…and i will hever forget that blessing.

    I hope someday that this country comes back to its semi-senses — we have always had our ridiciulous side, so i cannot say our “senses” — so that visiting wont be quite so traumatizing as it is in these days of Trump and Pence …i would love to have you come back and see me in my new home outside of the hospital and really spent some time together.



    1. Dearest Pammy, coming back to visit you and spend time with you in your home and not visiting you in a hospital is equally a longing of mine. The ring of hope told me even then in the midst of it all you had and have always had hope. You even suggest I take cansor paper from the kitchen drawer to wrap same in. You have taught me so much and am so glad we clicked and still do. Thank you so much for all

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