Marcie the Merriest & My Heroine…


I mean, I start writing this post on the train just so that Marcie too can take a break (gladly for me she has just dozed off as I continue writing). It’s my signal to her sort of, because although I am almost addicted to the ‘Marcie syndrome by now, we both do need some energy reserve. Marcie flies to Brazil tomorrow, while I am almost done…

Marcie comes on board

Marcie walks in majestically with some guy on her trails, carrying 4 or so smalbags. When he gives her a ‘wet kiss’, I connect him to her romantically if you get what I mean. Marcie sits down by me just as she finishes to inquire whether the seat is unoccupied. My answer isn’t really needed I guess…

I was already yawing this good when I boarded the train in Bratt, and am still so tired to find out how to rotate this

Whereas, I was tired and just waking up from a nap. I had slept at midnight+ and was up at 5.30am. Some  further stuffs to wrap up at Pam’s; & a last lunch to cook for her kind neighbour and I. Indeed, I actually wear one of Pam’s chapeaux to sort of deter conversation 🙂 but that don’t work with MM I see…

Merriest Marcie super MM &My  Heroine

She is a proud and I add sweet 72. She is a great granny coming from Springfields MA and heading on a sister:sister vacation to Rio de Janerio. No men invited cause there is an abundance there. This has been ere long on her wish list she goes. Marcie knows them stories, you don’t need to ask or say anything. Even just nodding your head or blinking is fine for the motivation…

My merriest Marcie is now on a deserved  retirement after working as a nurse for over 40 years. She has seen much I bet you, I just wasn’t take notes as she narrated. She has also toured this country, especially to attend Jazz festivals. She has a pocket album of some yesteryears moments and I don’t need to ask a single question…

I can’t help but fall in love

I am carried away and help finish off Marcie’s braids. She thinks the hairdresser did a rash job. And her damn new smart ass of a phone; she thinks she can eventually lose her nerves and trash it out. That is, unless I help her set up a google account, whatsapp and hmm picassa which I don’t even have. Marcie is sure she’ll need that for her pictures from Brazil. She talks on while she prepares and administers her insulin shot, taking her vitals along the line…

Hold on baby am coming…
How sweet and tender
Leaving not so cheerfully huh!!!

Only Marcie’s dog Cinamon can be so attractive enough to get her boyfriend risk the road to cross over and give her a kiss…

All that for me alone, and yet Marcie gave me her own pack of chips later on

Am spoiled by Marcie

She tells me lots of women stuff, and offers me one delicacy after the other. I am even ashamed to bring out my lone sandwich from Bratt. From mixed nuts to an entire tray for dinner, hmm. Wow, I thought I had finished meeting thrilling folks on this US tour of mine. Marcie definitely gets the gold medal regardless of who I meet again. She’s full of life and the beau I saw her with, sure knows what is behind that deceptive age. Ain’t it just numbers anyway?

The little glitch

In our fumbling with stuffs, my purse dropped and I recall picking up my cards. Helas, once out of Union Station, I just realized I must have left my bank card on the floor of that train. No panick, am so so tired anyway. And to be candid, what’s there to steal from that account anyway 🙂

It’s been so much of a wow on this US Adventure

Dear gentle readers and followers, I had been contemplating stopping over in NYC to spend the night. Fortunately, I didn’t go for that when I bought my amtrack ticket. It was scheduled to be a long ride of 10 hours, and although I have my kindle and all, Marcie coming on board at Springfields and landing next to me, has turned out to be more gain… the rains were wild on NYC as we got in there and made a stop at Penn Station; making me prouder of my decision to go all the way to DC just like dear Marcie …

The list of those I have met on my tour, is now well over 2 scores – this is only those who were not on my list when I landed 15 days ago – this country is really one of opportunities I must admit …


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