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Are you intrepid? Pam asked and I never checked…


Hello world,

I was trying to find a way of getting to Brattleboro (Bratt henceforth) in VT from Boston, and I was getting worried of my inability to find a solution. Now that I have been to her and back in one piece, I can comfortably share this post 🙂

The search for transportation

Megabus from Boston only gets to Montpellier and some other city in VT, and then I’ll have to hope to catch another bus which can as well take another 6 hours to get to Bratt. Also, If I really wanted to go by Bus, I could dare the Greyhound and then bring a sleeping bag on the trip. Trains to Bratt were out of discussion here because none left from Boston, and the lone one from Springfield where my Marcie lives, passes only once a day at 2 pm.

I told Pam I was getting nervous! She too had been finding alternatives, and she told me there was another way. Yes one which could take me just shy of 3 hours to get to her.

First of all, she wanted to know if I was intrepid. Let me better share excerpts of our exchanges on the subject then:

Okay Marie, how intrepid are you? Would you mind flying in a small plane to Lebanon, New Hampshire?
Oh sweet Pammy, I don’t know what intrepid means, unless I look it up which means I have never heard about it. So for a wanderer like me, what a pleasure to fly to Lebanon? Never knew there was another one in the US. 
And that was all about it, I never looked up the word, never googled to see how small the ‘plane’ could be, just quickly bought my ticket and happliy prepared for my flight.
The Ride
… And wow, when I saw the Big Bird we were led to, I just said a little prayer. I said to myself, Pammy sweet, if I do get to you, I just wouldn’t return via this route. Fortunately I didn’t get a round trip, wanting to return instead to DC from there.
Selfie infront of the Cessna
Selfie infront of the Cessna

I did make sure to send the above picture to my mum just in case it was the last one she was receiving from me 🙂 Well, it was my first time to hop on what I have come to baptise as a ‘flying Porsche’. I couldn’t even take my ear plugs from my hand luggage because all hand luggages  (indeed all luggages for the 8 passengers pictured above), were stowed away probably near the engine. It was also the first time that I had been asked my weight while checking in at an airport. I first found it absurd, but when I saw the means of transportation, I understood. Maybe they should ask before selling any tickets for such a ‘Plane’!!!

Once in a life time swags
A once in a life time opportunity indeed. Landed at a municipal airport, another first timer for an MJC like myself. Oh, I saw this signpost too at their tiny parking lot and it just made my recuperation from the flight very swift. I wasn’t picked up in one, but well if there is ever gonna be a next time, I sure will be…
Selfie infront of the Cessna
Great Signpost at the Lebanon Municipal Airport

Dear gentle readers and followers, yes there are sometimes such stuffs we would do for those we love right? I did this for Pammy, not that I even googled to check before settling for that, but I was simply glad for that alternative. However, next time (I mean not for a cessna – but for some other intrepid related stuff), I am sure gonna do my homework and take my BP before and after too 🙂 I must however thank Pammy who had a hilarious laugh when I told her I havd never checked out the word intrepid not goodled any images of what I now know is a cessna 🙂



Marie Angele Abanga (simplified to Marie Abanga) aka MAG likes to describe herself as a “Jacqueline of several trades”. She is an everyday woman and mother with a zigzag profile. Let’s give it a try! She is an Activist, an Author, a Coach, a Consultant, a Feminist, a Lawyer, a Lecturer, a Prince 2 Project Manager, a Psychotherapist, a Philanthropist, a minister of the Word of God and...! She just loves to sum it up by saying she is a person of passions and a tale of talents. Her life’s journey has filled over 6 books already and her three musketeers keep her busy at home. MAG is also the founder and CEO of the association Hope for the Abused and Battered, and the Country Director of the Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing. The plethora of life's experiences and shenanigans she has lived through and learned from in near 4 decades of existence, have equipped her with such an arsenal to coach, train and motivate just any and everyone. She is so charismatic, dynamic and full of life, going by her designed mantra of 3Ds: Determination; Discipline and Dedication. These sum her+her quest to be the best version of herself and impact others perfectly. She attributes all her wealth of knowledge to her conscientious attendance of both informal and formal school.

7 thoughts on “Are you intrepid? Pam asked and I never checked…

    1. Hahahahahahahahahaha bombo, for love, scared becomes a choice 🙂 Brave is equally an option in that scenario, and since I ao love Pam and was ‘dying’ to see her at last, I just knew I had to close my eyes for the entire flight 🙂

      1. Yes, Bombo, I absolutely agree with you. I have put being scared aside for love before too, and I would have done the same as you to see a friend that I love ❤

  1. Long, long ago when I was 23 I decided to attend ground school and take lessons to be a pilot! Crazy!!!!! I was bored and wanted to spie up my life, and that’s how I did it, I suppose.

    I took lessons in a 4-seat Piper Cub (a smaller plane than the one you posted) a few times with my 21 year-YOUNG teacher! It was fun and I wasn’t scared. No one asked me my weight either, hee hee! (I never had that happen since.) But then a few years later things changed, I had a panic attack on a big plane and I hated flying for a long time after that. n an ironic twist, I wound up marrying a man whose great, great uncle was a famous Californian aviation pioneer who was hated by the Wright Brothers.

    Anyway, my intrepid one (and you really do fit that description, I believe) I’m so glad it worked out!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, the need to sometimes ‘spice’ up our life can actually get us ‘spiced’. Had I known what I was up to, I may have enjoyed the ride, probably just like you did the lessons you wanted to 🙂

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