What does 1st class mean to you? A lesson learnt


I went to a US Post Office recently to mail some parcels to friends.

The lady at the counter in all nervousness at my difficulty to hear/understand her well, nor ‘properly express myself’, yelled for a 3rd time: “Which service would it be mam”??? I had equally already in all nervousness ruined an envelope by writing the addresses on the wrong spaces.

And so I thought and said, regular please! She said, so you want 1st class? And I said no I don’t, I just want regular!!!

I think she then understood somehow that I was an MJC (Mary Just Come), and started putting stamps on them before using a red stamp which read: FIRST CLASS!!!

I exclaimed that I didn’t want 1st class, and I wasn’t going to pay for any 1st class service!!!

It was then that she realised I needed the lesson. She told me the services offered started from 1st class, to express, to priority or something like that!!!

Where I come from, I lashed back at her, FIRST CLASS means just that. There is no other class above it!!!

And so gentle readers and followers, this is another humbling lesson I learnt out here. What we may otherwise consider 1st class like in my country Cameroon, may very well be nothing but regular service out here!!!

As I leave the “Great” Uncle Sam’s Vineyard this afternoon, I sum my experience in the following phrases:
“Do not assume you know or have it all!!! Until you live it, you can’t really feel or tell it” What constitues happiness to one, may just be the source of damnation to another!!! Crazy has several meanings!!!

My sincere gratitude to all those I met and talked to/talked with out here. It was a privilege for me to hear Ms Tranquility’s ‘sweet 16’ like voice, and my fair Lady Dy’s (sad that Lucy didn’t bark in the background), and Barb Parker who honoured my memoir with an awesome forword of Faith. I wish us all the best!!!


3 thoughts on “What does 1st class mean to you? A lesson learnt”

  1. “Sweet 16”, lol…..you will be missed here, and I can’t wait for when you come and visit next time! Travel safely, my dearest Bombo, and thank you again for the wonderful gift! ❤

  2. Oh my goodness!!! First off, Lucy says “ruff ruff” to you! I’ll do as video soon with her barking, & post it on the blog. 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to mail my book in its glorious package (you must admit it looked so fancy it could pass for True First Class, ha ha!!) – now that I know the backstory of your counter experience, it’s all the more memorable and precious to me :))))

    1. And lady, I sent you pictures of the first packaging I ruined for yours right? I was getting so nervous that on the To, I wrote my address, while yours was on the From 🙂

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