Druming 101 for adventurers like myself …


Now world, if you ever wondered how great world drummers like Steve Gadd started, watch my short drumming 101 video below:

Before the above, you may have to travel very far, far to Uncle Sam’s Vineyard. Once/ or if there, chart your way to Brattleboro VT, and hope to be invited to Pammy’s place. If you are lucky to meet her kind but shy neighbour, who fortunately lets you know loud and clear when he’s home, you may win him over enough to get a yes to your pleas for a drumming 101 crash course…

Mr M as I call him, means biz with his drumming – he is at them 4 good hours each day save for Wednesdays, and was at Steve Gadd’s show in New York on Friday. The wonderful Mr M welcomed Pammy a few months ago as a neighbour, and I already heard a lot about he and his drums. Pammy even already did a great potrait of that magic duo, to tell you how fascinated she herself was…

The Mottster, a portrait by Pam herself
The Mottster, a portrait by Pam herself

Great was my pleasure when he contacted me via my blog to give me info on Pammy when I almost thought I had lost track of her. Greater was my pleasure when Mr M accepted to come and pick me up from the ‘intrepid’ municipal airport in Lebanon New Hampshire.

And oh my, Mr J even agreed to take me out to check the country pub on my last night in Bratt;

Bratt by Night
Bratt by Night, some deli cider

before adding that I sure could come the next morning (the day of my departure itself) for the highly solicited druming 101 crash course…

My excitement and stupor was more than visible, it was feelable (if such word exists)

I am so grateful to Mr M, he even told me I didn’t do badly for a first timer…

Dear gentle readers and followers, what do you think after watching that ‘me fiddle’?


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