My dream shoes and more muse…

I had a dream and they were blue too

Wow world, I am super excited I finally bought my dream shoes. You know there are shoes you wear because they are chic. Those you wear because they are appropriate for the ocassion – say like sneakers for the gym or heels for… But I have always dreamt about buying the above. This time around, I was so determined that I got the lone blue pair (my fav colour ) even though a size bigger for me. And now thanks for the sales season, I got them for a wonderful 12 euros 🙂

My darling dream born of envy

Enjoying a walk in the woods to celebrate my dream shoes 🙂

My brother used to have these shoes and I just envied both he and the shoes. We call them German sandals. Ironically I buy them a few weeks to going there 🙂

So, I will be full of envy and her sister jealousy, when my brother will wear his so easily and up to go german sandals. I could tell they were also comfy. I don’t know why momma never thought of buying me one too. I recall buying some for my boys later on in life, even for X H. But I don’t know why I was yet to get one for myself. Maybe caring what people will say? Then when I got to Belgium, and was thinking of finally getting one to wear and go visit my brother, he passed on.

And now, my beautiful dream shoes have been with me since I got them 3 days ago; I remove them only to sleep. Yes that’s a dream come true for me…

Other muse?


Am making the best of my last days out here, some serious perspectives and retrospectives…

Please ignore my crappy face and hair – just look at my hand 🙂

I keep being graced. I received an amazon coupon with which I got the first wrist watch of my choice. I mean I have received watches since my childhood, but I don’t recall buying myself one especially of this caliber. Sometimes you buy for others almost all the time and hardly for yourself. Well, I have done just that lot of my life, and I have received just so much from others too.

At last, I get to watch a movie in the open
At last, I get to watch a movie in the open

Dear gentle readers and followers, sometimes we take things for granted which may just be another’s precious dream. What makes you happy, may mean not a damn to another. Yet we must not stop dreaming or tell others they dream too big or too small right? Well, I spent another wonderful evening just watching a movie outdoor organized by the townhall. Entrance was free and yet I had never found the time to go watch them. Say another small dream fulfilled…? Even the envious and jealous rain was not going to deter, nor another glitch with the bike 🙂

The envious and jealous rain chose this of all nights right?
The envious and jealous rain chose this of all nights right?

10 thoughts on “My dream shoes and more muse…”

      1. Oh am sorry, was there ever a first time? Not to be disrespectful, but I couldn’t tell if that was a real name you know. Several bloggers have varied nick names and al

      2. It’s ok, and yes, I did point it out before. It does get confusing sometimes to know what a person’s name is. People often shorten my name to kate though and it gets frustrating.

  1. You should have told me you wanted them! Well, they fit so well and your brother would have been proud to them. I bought a pair for Alain but they are not blue.

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