This post is written by an inmate. It is about being real, taking the mask off, admitting who and what we are, and above all rendering service to your fellow human. I follow their blog and get to learn of a different world, one I had worked in before, but one I can’t still say I know much about. It’s a great, courageous and therapeutic thing these guys are doing and I know they’re happy even with a like 🙂

Inmate Blogger

What does integrity mean to you? I found out that without integrity not only would other people not trust me but i wouldn’t be able to trust myself.

Integrity means being consistent in what i believe and what i do. People watch you when you don’t think they are and having integrity means never having to apologize for not living up to what you’ve advertised as ‘who you are’.

I look at my integrity as the result of the disciplined work that has went into shedding the unhealthy things from my life. God showed me through his word where i was deficient. I was given the choice whether to acknowledge what i was shown and then change.

Life is a lot easier when you aren’t hiding behind facades designed to protect your insecurities. I live a good life regardless of where i’m physically at and its because of where i…

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