How do you pull it altogether: My sister asked?

Reclining but not submitting, that's how I sometimes do to pull it together
Reclining but not submitting, that’s how I sometimes have to lie, before pulling it together

Hello World, when my sister asked me this question last week, or rather when she made it sound like she was in awe at how I pulled it altogether, it got me thinking. I mean thinking real real. Do I pull anything? Do I pull it if at all altoghether? My writer instinct then was: ok start writing – but remember I recently decided to do only two posts a week, and that ration had been served. So hey calm down/regulate those emotions (I just stumbled on a post on some DBT Skills on that), and why not beef up further research on what you do to pull your self and stuff altogether!

What I Pull – Have Pulled too right?

First of all, today also seems apt to do this post because I got up with that feeling of: ‘ok another day alive, but do I just stay me in bed?’ I stayed for 45 or so minutes, then I got down to some ‘singing meditation’ (yes, must there only be silent meditation? )

Next, I sent a whassap to my 1st contact of choice – my mum of course. I just want to be that 5 year old talking to and with mum non-stop. I care less if am labelled ‘cry-baby’ – there are worse labels out there. Mum didn’t reply immediately because she was travelling, but I feel at least one mile better whenever I write to her. Her responses may not always help me in pulling whatever it is needs pulling just then, but it helps either way.

I also pull the ackwardness of mood swings and gym mixed feelings. Today I didn’t feel like going to that gym. I had worked so much on Saturday and my body still irked. But I love what the gym does to me and I can even just only follow Lady Dy’s Doctor’s advice and do only 30 mins, but first I have to sometimes pull myself out of the house you know.

Then there was the discovery that the airlines am using to go back home changed baggage policy from 32kgs /2 pieces to 23kgs/2. And to think I had already packed and bought stuffs for my boys and co? Ok even if I pay for an extra luggage, some personal items will just have to go to Salvation Army. Well now the fuming is over, I am fine with giving to Salvation Army, I often do anyway. It just was embarassing I hadn’t checked before, just assumed the previous statusquo. Serves me right or left?

How then do I pull?

Needs perpectives and retrospectives
Needs perpectives and retrospectives

I pull by letting it all out just as is. I try as much as I can to do that. It can sometimes take years, like with my first memoir, but once I did that – oh my I felt super super FREE to proceed. No more writting in hiding, nor living parallel lives. My recent memoir share more of such stuffs (It’ll soon be free to download as my bye from Belgium gift to all).

Kindle Cover
Kindle Cover

I have come to terms with the fact that none of my families is perfect and that’s ok. Neither the one I was born into, nor the one I tried to form. I have learnt the lessons, and embraced the seasons. Dialogue where possible is one of the ways I pull my self and stuff through especially in this tricky domain.

Sometimes, we may not get any support from our ‘conventional families or even friends’ when and how we need, but hey they too have their own selves and stuffs to pull. I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes even if my initial reaction is to fume and whine.

Above all, I try to keep my smile. When I was a kid, I rarely smiled (yes some fake laughs especially when crafty), but as a teen I started hearing that I was prettier if I smiled. I tried, and hmm I love myself with that smile especially nowadays.

Different shades of me
Different shades of me

I also have some very special friends in my life especially online, and then my me-times and me-treats you know. Some are already planned for later this week – fingers crossed for the external and internal weather sort of 🙂

Dear gentle readers and followers, I thought to share these stuffs because I think they may also help someone you know. Of course I appreciate your comments, the likes, and the shares why not. I wish all all the best, thank you!


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