My Top 10 Virtues To Life

Love these, which are yours? Sometimes, some find it all while in jail – I humbly think this is one man on such a journey

Steven D. Jennings


1. ORDER – Keep everything in its place. Dedicate adequate time to all significant affairs, both personal & business.

2. TEMPERANCE – Eat in moderation, total abstinence from alcohol.

3. CLEANLINESS – Keep everything clean. Especially body, hair, clothes, and home.

4. BALANCE – Avoid extremes. Work, play, exercise, and rest. Be happy. Express anger appropriately.

5. SILENCE – Speak words that benefit others or yourself. Avoid trifling conversations. No not argue. Otherwise, be silent.

6. FRUGALITY – Waste nothing. Every expense serves well yourself and others.

7. RESOLUTION – Always finish what you start. Perform without fail.

8. JUSTICE – Always do the right thing.

9. TRANQUILITY – Do not be disturbed by common accidents, or by unavoidable insignificant events.

10. HUMILITY – Live by the teachings of Jesus. Love & respect everyone.


Steven Jennings

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Virtues To Life”

  1. OMG – I need help with every single virtue, BAD! Although I am very proud to tell you I scrubbed most of the bathroom yesterday (one used by 4 messy people!) It was a true accomplishment and it’s so nice to go in there and not smell, um, bad smells. 🙂 XOXOX

    1. Sweet Lady,

      I think we all do need help at some point or the other of our lives. The humbling thruth is to first of all recognize that, and identify goals like Steven Jennings has done. Virtues areeven more of ideals and the work is constant I tell you. Glad you did scrub that place I still love so much. It’s a love affair and I try to limit today the time I spend in there 🙂

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