SOS for my good friends: Their “Go Fund Me” Campaign

Hello world,

I hope some of us take some time to read their campaign and to donate even just a 5 $,£, Eur etc. I have been graced to meet oh so many wonderful people in my life. I keep being amazed at how extraordinary some of them are. One of them – because they are a couple, is Mr/Mrs Jennings. I wouldn’t say more, I’ll implore you to read their story on their camapaign page.  Personally, when I give even a widow’s mite to such causes where I don’t expect anything in return, I am so so happy. I don’t give only when I have enough or excess, and I know that the multitude who give me different things every other day, don’t do so either.

Our “Go Fund Me” Campaign.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

2 thoughts on “SOS for my good friends: Their “Go Fund Me” Campaign”

    1. Dear Suzie, it’s been more than a blessing for me to get to know you two and your extraordinary story. Please don’t mention, I just wish you both so much more and so many more people with compassion on your path. Be strong, the best is yet to come 🙂

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