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SOS for my good friends: Their “Go Fund Me” Campaign

Hello world,

I hope some of us take some time to read their campaign and to donate even just a 5 $,£, Eur etc. I have been graced to meet oh so many wonderful people in my life. I keep being amazed at how extraordinary some of them are. One of them – because they are a couple, is Mr/Mrs Jennings. I wouldn’t say more, I’ll implore you to read their story on their camapaign page.  Personally, when I give even a widow’s mite to such causes where I don’t expect anything in return, I am so so happy. I don’t give only when I have enough or excess, and I know that the multitude who give me different things every other day, don’t do so either.

Our “Go Fund Me” Campaign.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way


Marie Angele Abanga (simplified to Marie Abanga) aka MAG likes to describe herself as a “Jacqueline of several trades”. She is an everyday woman and mother with a zigzag profile. Let’s give it a try! She is an Activist, an Author, a Coach, a Consultant, a Feminist, a Lawyer, a Lecturer, a Prince 2 Project Manager, a Psychotherapist, a Philanthropist, a minister of the Word of God and...! She just loves to sum it up by saying she is a person of passions and a tale of talents. Her life’s journey has filled over 6 books already and her three musketeers keep her busy at home. MAG is also the founder and CEO of the association Hope for the Abused and Battered, and the Country Director of the Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing. The plethora of life's experiences and shenanigans she has lived through and learned from in near 4 decades of existence, have equipped her with such an arsenal to coach, train and motivate just any and everyone. She is so charismatic, dynamic and full of life, going by her designed mantra of 3Ds: Determination; Discipline and Dedication. These sum her+her quest to be the best version of herself and impact others perfectly. She attributes all her wealth of knowledge to her conscientious attendance of both informal and formal school.

2 thoughts on “SOS for my good friends: Their “Go Fund Me” Campaign

  1. Kind Marie, it has been a blessing becoming friends with you. Thank you for your love and support. Your compassionate heart has touched my husband and I.

    1. Dear Suzie, it’s been more than a blessing for me to get to know you two and your extraordinary story. Please don’t mention, I just wish you both so much more and so many more people with compassion on your path. Be strong, the best is yet to come 🙂

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