Aw, at last I can tick this off my Bucket List: Don’t give up on yours

Motor Biking 101 with PRIDE
Motor Biking 101 with PRIDE

Hello World, I am loving my period of Grace PG (an awesome definition of my current unemployed self), actually doing a lot of self preparation for the next chapters of my thrilling life. So, this post is as simple as this, while you breathe, believe in your bucket lists no matter how grim your current situation – at least that’s what is happening to me.

During thisΒ PG, I have been to US of A. And hmm, that’s where I thought I’ll atleast be able to tick some items off my bucket list, like going on such a bike. So I was so excited to go to Vermont via New Hampshire.

Harley DavidsonOh, I saw these Hailley Guys and started to drool some saliva. I even went past the Harley D headquarters in Bowie MD, and men how I thought it was close! Spent a night actually in that vicinity but nada! I almost returned to Brussels ungrateful for all the wonderful experiences I had lived out there, because of this one I hadn’t. I almost gave up on that item especially as my days out here in Europe are numbered – D Day – 11 πŸ™‚

And then boom, I come across a guy, right here in Brussels, who tells me he owns a big motor bike – sure I asked for a picture there and then and he sent this:

MB 101

I promised him a ‘thousand kisses’ for a ride and a 101 class. He oh awesome heart, accepted and we had a date for the very next day after he left work. Men it rained all morning and afternoon and I was almost on my face praying. Then at 5 pm, the sky cleared up just as he was leaving work. So, on that single day, I not only ticked that off my bucket list, but I achieved another feat I had almost thought wasn’t for me at this age anymore πŸ™‚ I have nicknamed him my Champion and I ain’t going back on that πŸ™‚

Dear gentle readers and followers, don’t give up on yours if you have one already πŸ™‚ and in the meantime, here are kisses for us all which I found on the wall of a friend’s building.

Kisses all over


11 thoughts on “Aw, at last I can tick this off my Bucket List: Don’t give up on yours”

    1. Sheri, how sweet of you to stop by here and even find it strength enough to leave a comment? I read your post on that umptenth Christmas Home Alone without Tom and I could neither click like nor leave a comment. Pray, how are things now for u both? U are in my thoughts, and swayer and co πŸ™‚

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