Treats my Best Friend and I have been busy giving each other recently…

We always prepare our Lunch Box because we are on a steel budget right now :)
We always prepare our Lunch Box because we are on a steel budget right now 🙂

and in there we have stuffs we fix such as:

fixing our wraps, and juice etc
fixing our wraps, and juice etc, this one for first outing to Spa on July 14 – French National Day 🙂
For outing of Tuesday 21st - Belgian National Day :)
For outing to Liege on July 21st – Belgian National Day! Put some chips in a zip lock, did couscous for Lunch/dinner too, water and juice freshly pressed 🙂

And then it’s Ready : Go.

Dear World, my best friend and I have recently decided to do sort of a final Belgian tour. So our first trip was to Spa.

20150714_120043This is emm a great place in this country, it has the best Formula 1 track in the World. To its record also, we have this Thermes de Spa (which our steel budget prevented us from visiting anyway). But we could pay a euro to go into the museum and see for ourselves the bathtub in which the Tsar Peter from Russia is alleged to have spent 6 months in 1900 to be healed from some ailement. He was purged only with the water both through his mouth and his behind 🙂 We however tried drinking so much of the free spring water called Spa too, but we only ended up with a rumbling tumbling tummy 🙂

The Tsar’s Bathtub
Come one come all and drink to your...
Come one come all and drink to your…

Next day, we headed to a locality – Beersel, very close to Brussels to visit this Mid-Age Castle: I mean, it was wow wow wow walking in there, and entrance fee was 3 euros:


Third day, Dinant here we come. Hmm please google this city out I bet you!

20150717_111625 and sure, we went up to that citadel and on a brief cruise


She took me these:

20150717_115245 20150717_141049 and yes my T-Shirt reads J’aime La Vie. I have come a Looooooong way and I’m Happy 🙂

Then day 4 was to visit Leuven where the phenomenal Catholic University is found with all those breath taking buildings. I mean sometimes the view is so fascinating you don’t have steady hands to take picture:

20150716_110903 the evening of this particular day, saw us go check downtown Brussels with another great friend. I proudly rocked my T-Shirt sent by Julie from the US


Day 5 Belgian National Day 21st July – Liege and Brussels for Fireworks

I only now see why I missed going on this trip yesterday. A cousin called me last minute to say he was coming in from Paris at 3 pm, and I cancelled my trip to pick him up and host him a few hours. He was one of my Men of the US Adventures. And here is why today’s outing to Liege was special:

Dear gentle readers and followers, sure I am, and now my best friend and I, are wanderers and somehow we meet kind people in our lives all the time. My Ss Hero gave me some train tickets, and I have monthly Bus and Subway subscriptions I am itching to maximize. Now the other deal is, I have come to realize that money is not everything and love, joy, passion, happiness…, have no price tag. Above all, it just dawned on me to stop wasting my time looking for a best friend out there when one had always been there inside me, neglected for so long 🙂 We have one or two more places to visit, and yes a trip to Germany this very day at 10 am. And you, any treats to share? Who’s is your Best Friend?

Hoping our treat is with such :)
Hoping our next treat is with such 🙂

4 thoughts on “Treats my Best Friend and I have been busy giving each other recently…”

    1. Thanks so much bombo. We (my best bo and I ) are enjoying our visit in Germany. I mean I feel so good within, not despising myself or hating who I see when I dare look in the mirror. I see you on that journey too. All the best to us all

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