I love Thee Belgium but I love My Boys, My Mother and My Motherland Most


Hello world, in 3 DAYS can you imagine?

“Oh la Belgique qui m’a tant donner et apprit”, that’s how much I love Belgium to write it here in French 🙂

And so yes, come July 30, it’s take off home for good to my 3 gentleboys :), my mum and my motherland!

But I’ll be very honest and most grateful. This innovated me I have become, came to full bloom in this country. Inshort all my three books were written  (first one started in Cameroon though almost 2/3 of it ) and published while out here. My life as a blogger started in Novemver 2013 and I am simply put amazed at that journey. All those I have met via that platofrm, those I got to talk to and with, the few I have met in person oh my what an amazing grace!!!

Talk of meeting awesome people? Oh my further my, from myDD/ Ss Hero, to my Teddybear and then my Champion, I have felt so much love and grace in different proportions. The gain so outweighed the pain, I just thank them all and wish them so much. I’ll sure miss my Ss Hero so much and yet I know I’ll be back for a visit soonest. Well as for him coming to Cameroon, hmm not much hope there 🙂

Talk about studies:professional life! I finished my masters and at the same, I got to do 2 great jobs. One for barely 12 days, yet one which taught me some, and the second for 18 or so months. This second one took me up and brought me real down. Yet I chose to stay with the up memories. And up means I traveled in airplanes to lands like Abyssinia (haha Ethiopia’s original name), Rwanda and others. I met and took a picture with my heroines like Ellen Johnson, Dlamini Zuma and Portia Simspon Miller. Yes, even the first lady of Rwanda.

From Belgium, I got to at last go to that G…D…. US of A. A very intensely sad and exciting experience nonetheless. Hmm I visited places too both within Belgium and in the EU although sadly never made it to Rome for some Papal blessings :). Is it really true all roads lead there? Mine were probably either scraped somewhere , or the driver had such a sense of bearing and his Gps couldn’t lead us there afterall 🙂

And yes let’s look at the low because there sure were. Although I finished the LL.M I came here for, I failed so badly in my 1st paper that I almost dropped out altogether. I have never in my life had a 35% score, and although this may be just fine for some, it was a disaster for me. Oh how I cried, oh how terrible and disgusted, and yes miserable? Then there was the pain and grieving the loss of my one and only brother. I lost sleep for almost an entire month and near went full manic.Another low is the weather, one of the real reasons am running away before August comes 🙂 I think summer in this country is part June and part July at most. Never witnessed one so unpredictable 🙂

As for my mental wellbeing, I got the highs and lows and ok all in this Belgium. At least I could ‘comfortably’ and for the first time in my life, see a psychotherapist. It was an experience and a path in the right direction. Just like I found myself a Life Coach. Oh my, Jeff recently mentionned me in his first ted talk, which you could watch and get inspired too:

I made so much peace with myself, my mum and my Faith in my Almighty Father. Yes Belgium all these happened on your soil.

So you now see why I love you so? But I did add that I love my boys most huh! Oh Lord those boys who have done 4 years without me, only having me around couple of days here and there! Now it’s time and mummy is coming home. They are sure way different from those I left, but our team will pick up just from where it needs to 🙂

And my best friend whom I met a while ago, that girl, lady, lover, daughter and pretty one within me, she’s so excited to meet my mum too. Mum and I have been through so so much, and now we are sure going to go through so so so much hopefully in the other gently honest and mutual direction. We’re also gonna be a team.


Adieu Belgium, until my next visit. Thank you all my e-family, I hope I can make it to pop up here every now and then. Not only is internet connection back home like the Belgian weather 🙂 but probably time will be such a precious pearl for me henceforth 🙂 and there are my boys calling like this sms I got yesterday from Alain: ” Mum Thanks For Every Thing,I can Never Forget My Sweet Mother”

Dear gentle readers and followers of whom I am so proud and grateful, I leave with what I have learnt most from my Belgian experience 🙂


Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

5 thoughts on “I love Thee Belgium but I love My Boys, My Mother and My Motherland Most”

  1. Wow! What a challenging journey in such a short space of time Marie. It reminds me of a scripture that says God will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; and He will give you the strength to endure it. I know it wasn’t easy for you, but thank God you made it.

    Marie, I’m so glad you came into my life. You are an amazing lady with so much love for others. It was a pleasure to meet you and give you a taste of some Jamaican food. 🙂 I am going to miss you Marie.

    I’m so happy for you now though, because at long last you are going to see your gorgeous boys and mum. I’m also happy that your faith has been restored with your heavenly father.

    Have a blessed afternoon. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Lots of love. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Junie, and you can tell what passionate Faith I have in the future right? With the Great I Am, all things are possible. I so understand just so much the joy of figures like Saul turned Paul, Mary of Magdala and you name the rest. It was also my pleasure to visit you and eat those peas and goat stew yum yum 🙂

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