Home at last, after being stuck in Casablanca!!!

Final gym workout on the day of my departure (30/07)
Final gym workout on the day of my departure (30/07)

Hello World

Hurray, I can blog even with much more difficulty than anticipated. It’s been near ‘shaggy’ dear world and why not thrilling. I was there working out and smiling as much on the day of my departure, not knowing that a scheduled 8-9 hours flight (em if I flew directly you know), will end up taking me at least 30 hours. That’s how thrilling I find my own life, sometimes to my own amazement.


So I get Stuck in Casablanca because I MISS my connecting flight. Don’t ask me what happened. Time zone and my watch changed to an hour plus or less something like that. And I was sitting at the right gate I bet you, I saw my flight written but thought they were still early. Hmm, I had to spend the night at their airport hotel and fortunately got vouchers for a B&B and a lunch at the retaurant the next day. Next departure at 9.25 pm on the 31st and sure I was there at 8 pm. Cozy flight, had three seats to myself, overall 20 passengers in total. Guess who arrived with me on that same flight? Two of my luggage who had rightly been checked in on the 30th. The third one arrived yes yesterday and that’s just how it goes out here.

Only one Musketeer seen so far

My President, yet to see my King/Shepard, and my Arch Angel hmm
My President, yet to see my King/Shepard, and my Arch Angel hmm – spotting our teeth and smile will do for now 🙂

The father of my two other boys has deliberately kept them in some far away village although I informed him over a month ago of my arrival. I used the French word ‘J’espere’, which means I hope… and he told me he found it commanding. So maybe he goes, he’ll go bring them sometime this week. I am much stronger in spirit than that, and that alone can drain his nerves this I know.

Already Active

So this morning I was already at a TV Show called Cameroon Crow, to talk about my books and the Gbm Foundation of which I am the Country DIrector. I am also trying to settle down both at the office and at home. I am so glad to be Home and I wish us all the best – I’ll write again when I finally get my other two and sure if the internet, weather and all other factors permit 🙂

In our Consulting Firm where I'll be based
In our Consulting Firm where I’ll be based

12 thoughts on “Home at last, after being stuck in Casablanca!!!”

    1. Thanks my friend. Am glad to be home and still know its ways : ) I know I’ll get them and all he can do is feed his foolish ego that he delayed our reunion. Those boys will one day tell him the meaning of words u know : ) hope the recent hypomania doesn’t graduate to a full blown manic/psychotic break. Glad u are watching out on yourself too.

  1. Look at that big smile on his face, being with his Mum!! Aww, beautiful ❤ Hope you get to see your other boys very soon. hang in there! Love and hugs.

  2. Hello my beautiful Friend, If I can manage to post this from far away in Berlin, Vermont, I write to say that I too am almost to my new “home” in the Meadowview facility. Only a few hours more and I should be on the way. Will write you once i am there with the particulars. SO glad to hear that you are home at least, and hope you get to see your boys soon.LOVE you lots, my dear friend.


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