I was on TV this Saturday to talk about Mental Health: No one talk is too many…

Gabriel Bebonbechem with his Signature Smile

His book was one of the main items on the agenda. It was a 2 hour programme. I spilled it all, on air about my own challenges and attempted suicide in 2009. Here is an excerpt, the best of what I could get the cameraman to film with my fone who’s battery was dying:

I read that the theme of the 2015 edition of World Mental Health Day is “Dignity in Mental Health”. And, I will not wait for anybody to give me my dignity, I will claim that dignity myself Head high and I will not be ashamed of talking about my own challenges, if only sharing them could help even just one other person, one other struggling family.


I have come a long way, I proudly say I have found the strength in what remains. The healing is still ongoing, but the future is promising. I have my Faith and an Abundant Grace to count on, and those alone are more than sufficient. They have always more often than not led me to amazing people too.

Could this be true?
Could this be true that one on four people suffer from some mental health disorder?

Kindly read the post I wrote on the Gbm blog here, and why not leave a comment there if possible?

4 thoughts on “I was on TV this Saturday to talk about Mental Health: No one talk is too many…”

  1. Wow wowowwwww!!! Oh my GOODNESS I am SO proud of you, so impressed with you, Ms. Sporty Spice with the beautiful face, brain, confidence, and lovely voice!!!!!

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