I was with Amy Banda last Sunday when she shared her campaign with me. I had been invited to a meeting for Cameroonian Anglophone Speaking Journalist Douala chapter of which she is Vice President. Now, Amy is one dynamic journalist and host of such wonderful shows like, Voice of the Voiceless; Views, Voices and Visions and many more. They are all concepts and creations of hers. I have been humbled and honoured to know her.

In a post I did on her after our very first encounter, I saw in me a Cameroonian Oprah, and I still say she is one of my heroines. Sometimes words fail you, let me just share with you some lines retained from my boss yesterday:

Finding Someone who understands your dream is wonderful;

Finding Someone who buys into your dream is awesome;

Finding Someone who understands, buys, and is ready and willing to walk some miles on the road to making your dream come true, is a true and big blessing.

This is how I feel the more I get to know Amy. And Lord knows I want for it to be reciprocal. I am willing and ready to walk all the miles possible with Amy once she reveals her own dream to me. Above all, she is such a Woman of Faith.

Dear world, in a subsequent post, I will share with you how I feel the best thing my last boss did for me in Brussels was not to give me a raise but a sack letter. This has been on my mind for months now and I don’t need to make millions before sharing my testimony. Today, I just want to share my sister from a different womb’s campaign. Please join me in liking her dynamism and sharing this campaign.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

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