I am always honoured and humbled by such, and just can’t stop writing and advocating


What a review, so honest and yet warming:

By Valerie Caraotta TOP 1000 REVIEWER on August 12, 2015 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This memoir by Marie Abanga depicts her life mixed with tragedies and successes with the ultimate resolution that a bitter past did not have to define who she is today. As Marie shares her rocky past with a narcissistic father it would play a role in her decision-making and eventual fate of her brother.

Divorce of her parents, while living with her mother, she would coax a man into marrying her to escape home life. “I was sick and tired of living the way I was and thought that marriage could be my refuge. ” while she flew into the arms of the first man who caught her attention in 2004 the repercussions were immense. Physical abuse and his emotional neglect to teach her a lesson in submissiveness would spiral her into extra marital affairs. A pervading question would engulf her: “How could I coax a man into marrying me and not be able to get him to come along emotionally? ”

She would exit the marriage and leave her kids with her mother. Her hopes of a dream job in Dubai would not come to fruition. Marie Abanga would get a life coach, study International Law at Kent university in Brussels and moved in to a man’s apartment she met from and online dating site.

Today things look different in her outlook but not before she suffered major depression, suicide tendencies and the death of her brother to mental illness. This is one of three books to her credit with each memoir shedding pieces of her life. Her coach and friends have helped along the way. A graduate degree in addition to her being a lawyer, she serves as a consultant today in Belgium.

If you enjoy reading memoirs and stories of trials and obstacles overcome then this book I would recommend.


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