Our priceless African Blender


You know back in those days of the stone age right? Well we retained at least one of those precious inventions 🙂

You call it out there a blender or mixer etc. Where the tomatoes, pepper and spices are ground using electricity.

Here, we still do it manually on a stone. That item is still so precious in our African cuisine that it would be a bad omen for a bride not to bring one along 🙂


My sports keep those arms ready to grind me stuffs with passion. My mama and her mama and all them before, allege that spices ground on that stone taste far better than those from the whiteman’s appliance. Don’t ask me, maybe get yourself a stone and do your own experiment 🙂

Ainsi va ma nouvel vie au pays. Please google translate, I am as bilingual as my country is alleged to be hahahaha

Have a fab week dear all

My sports also come un handy


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