Am I the only one who finds Trump Troubling?

Hey, am no American and sincerely wouldn’t trade nothing to be one. I however have gorgeous friends who are, especially many of of my e-family.

When I read on yahoo news that 2 journalists were shot while working, I grieved for their families and the nation as a whole. Of course, I also knew the G.. philosophical battle that was to be enkindled once more.

And hoopla, barely had I finished reading, than I watch an interview of Trump trumping how it was not A GUN PROBLEM BUT A MENTAL ONE. WTF?

Without much ado about anything, I daringly conclude that by his statement, all you out there who own guns (maybe except for law officers ), HAVE A MENTAL PROBLEM PERIOD.

2 thoughts on “Am I the only one who finds Trump Troubling?”

  1. I not only find Trump troubling, but also most of the GOP, because he is just obvious in stating what they all believe and push for in office….not to mention questioning the intelligence of those who support Trump and believe he would make a good president.

  2. I noted your title for this blog and decided to back up and read. I’m really glad I did. Trump is repeating what 98% of American’s stated when surveyed less than 6 months ago. The standard response for all shootings is that someone is ‘mental’ if they shoot someone. We must have stronger gun laws in this country and would have many more deaths if it weren’t for our well trained law enforcement community. However, it’s the NRA that continues to reinforce the mis-information and has every politician in DC and the entire country.
    Year’s ago I begged every law enforcement agency to include the FBI to put Tom on a no-buy list. My reason was to protect Tom from suicide but I didn’t tell them that. He’s never been violent and has never expressed a violent tendency to anyone except himself. However, I was refused.
    The reason Trump has such a strong backing is because he’s saying things like: ‘Close the borders and send them back.’ This is something middle class America has wanted for years and we haven’t had a politician willing to say it out loud. We can no longer afford to support everyone that wants to live in the US tax free and send their wages home while living off our resources. Trump also talks to the same middle class when he talks about education, protecting the environment and so many other issues. I don’t like the way he acts like a bully or the way he talks about women and a lot of other things – but I do like the fact that he’s willing to say heads on – enough is enough. We must not allow socialized medicine to take over the country. Our medical care is worse than it’s ever been due to Obamacare and I for one am tired of paying for those that don’t want to work. I’m not saying when it comes time to vote that Trump will get my vote but I can promise, it will not be a Washington insider. I spent enough years on Capitol Hill to know just how much crime there really is.

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