A Big personal booster


My Ss Hero took this impromptu after one of our numerous moments. Now it’s on my reading table in my room.

that's Gaby's hand just as I was clicking: enjoy that love of mine

How can I see this and not be boosted with fond memories and prospects for better moments to come?

I just thought to share this you know, and encourage each one of us to think of the personal boosters we have.  If none, think over again and sure there’s something.

Wishing us all loads especially to my fair lady Dyane 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Big personal booster”

  1. Awwwww – here I am, bleary-eyed, but absolutely loving this picture of you – loving your joyous, spontaneous expression – it makes me so happy just looking at it. I automatically retweeted the picture when I saw it on Twitter, all the while not knowing I’d get a beautiful shout-out at the end!

    Thank you, dear one.
    I’m doin’ well now thanks to YOU!

      1. p.s, this just went live on Amazon:
        “A vivid, powerful, inspiring account of a remarkable woman and mental health advocate!, September 19, 2015
        By Dyane Leshin Harwood
        This review is from: Battered, Tattered, but not Shattered: Finding the Strength in What Remains (Kindle Edition)
        Marie is a wonderful, lively, prolific writer whose words ring true and lift up the reader’s spirit. “Battered, Tattered, But Not Shattered” is a fascinating story of struggle, agony and loss. However, it’s not all gloom and doom like the plethora of tell-all memoirs addressing mental illness and domestic abuse topics. Marie’s book holds a valuable message for every one of us, told in her unique style, which is empowering and memorable. This memoir is truly a “goodread’ – it’s good, and it’ll do you good to read it!

      2. my sweet fair lady, please put this on goodreads too. am almost speechless and nearly tearful. luckily I have the 2 other boys this weekend to keep me grounded. it’s veen one emotional weekend since thursday and I had to look my personal booster and photo archives over, for some cheer too. thank you once more

      3. Hey lovely – I just posted it on Goodreads – I’m still not familiar with Goodreads so please let me know if I didn’t do it correctly! Good luck this weekend – I know it’s tough, and I’m glad you have the two boys there with you. Happy to do anything to make you smile! :)))

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