The Big Deal about my Go Fund Me Campaign


Hello World, this is hopefully going to be a brief post. Just wanted to write out a few stuffs going through my mind at this very moment relating to the above mentioned campaign created a few weeks ago.

I debated inwardly on doing the campaign in the first place. Really, am afraid of rejection and lack of empathy maybe because I such an empath and embracing person. Fortunately, I have come to accept both rejection and lack of empathy to the extend that I can control my reaction to their manifestation.

In the case of the campaign, It took me a very big inhaling/exhaling to do it and put it out there. I even titled the initial post I dare… Yes, for me it was daring…

I prepared myself for the worse, no one contributing or sharing, and yet I hoped for the best – some contributions and sharing. I have so far received 2 noble contributions and lots of sharing. For these I am most grateful.

Truth be told, I am proud of having done that campaign and I’ll be taking it down on the 1st of November a day after the Solidarity Walk for Epilepsy.

I know you can’t force anyone to donate to your cause, nor even support/share it. I however know you can gently remind people to do if they had planned to but forgot.

In the meantime, I know I’ll keep doing what I do because of all the support and cheer am getting in my endeavours especially with the Gbm Foundation activities.

Thanking you all one more, happy sunday.


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