This is how I Gym it back here…


Am a fitness fan, and I try to be a ‘reglo’ 🙂 This slang is translated to mean a regular or dedicated person. And when am ticking nervous and anxious (N&A), finding a ventilation outlet like a gym, a book or a laptop etc on which to write, is VIP.

Fortunately for me, a local gym was opened in my neighbourhood a month ago. Seriously, I think it was opened for myself and one or two more. Let me spare you with the size of that gym not its contents. The enthusiastic trainer suffices. He keeps repeating ‘sa va aller’ – google can help my english peeps!

Yesterday was one of those blue days. I was running late to the gym via no fault of mine. I was ticking N&A by the time I got home. I quicky dashed to the gym and ventilated buckets full of all that mingled with sweet smelling sweat 🙂

On my way out, usa is the ideal place out here

The Dream Dang out here is USA. Whoever goes there and comes back to tell is immediately a ‘local’ hero of high esteem – you are allowed to be photographed in that special corner hahaha

Happy thursday and weekend ahead world 🙂


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