An Awesome Authograph

Dear Marie, thanks for your contributions and your enthusiasm
Dear Marie, thanks for your contributions and your enthusiasm

Hello World,

I just stumbled across this autograph from the last boss I had in Belgium. You can refresh the post I wrote about the best thing she ever did to me here, I mean sacking me – so I could become my own boss and try my best for me and posterity. I hold her in very high esteem and am very grateful to my Almighty Stars for having met her and won her confidfence for over two years.

Have a nice week you all

P.S: Ironically that authograph was signed the first time she summoned me with the intention of letting me off because the team had already started complaining. I had told her then I would go if she really felt I should, that I’ll appreciate her honest feedback in the form of an authograph, and finally that I knew that when one door closes several others open up. The trouble is in looking so regretfully at that which just closed… When I said these, she gave me what she thought was a last assignment, to come up with a project plan and gave me 24 hours to do, we ended up working together for over 2 years. The rest is an ongoing journey in my own country as my own boss.

11 thoughts on “An Awesome Authograph”

  1. I just got up to speed now and read a few other of your posts related to this. I’m so happy for where you’re at in your life. You’re truly an incredible gal and I’m honored to know you. Xo

    1. And that autograph was/is awesome right? It’s valued much more now than then and am further motivated you know. Thanks for speeding by, I do understand sometimes we laggingly lag behind our ‘passions’, and that too is the art and craft of living and trying to face Divine Dissatisfaction heads on ()

      1. I love it – and I’m happy you understand how the nature of life goes. I might have to call you Marie “Divine Dissatisfaction” Fairy Godmother from now on! 😉

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