On your marks, ready, Walk… to bring epilepsy out of the Shadows


Wow, wow, wow – barely 3 days and my brother’s name is high over there on the banner for all to see. No he didn’t die in vain. No my pain was not in vain. And oh yes the gain is worth the lane no matter how winding.

Those banners worth thousands of messages

Sortons L'Epilepsie de L'ombre
Sortons L’Epilepsie de L’ombre

We at the Gbm-em Foundation have done all in our might and conscious of our plight, to get ready. We are going to walk with our sympathizers purple high.

On Friday already, there will be a one hour program over the CRTV radio, about this maiden and first of its kind solidarity walk for an illness still ‘near taboo’. A pity the world statistics didn’t spare out our ignorance, in fishing out our infamous record. No 1 in prevalence of epilepsy worldwide… Oh cry my beloved country Cameroon!

A big Thank You for your generous donations in cash, kind and goodwill

Isn’t that awesome? Yes we can, Yes we are doing it, Yes will keep walking and marching on in the fight to bring epilepsy out of the shadows.


7 thoughts on “On your marks, ready, Walk… to bring epilepsy out of the Shadows”

    1. Dear Linda, thanks for resurfacing and letting me know 🙂 Thanks for this simple yet moving book review. It was my pleasure talking with you during my ‘US Tours’. I find so much fulfilment in these causes I champion and so I beam brightly when all goes this well

      1. Just enjoyed talking with you, too, Marie. I am disappointed that I was not able to see you. I was just too sick, physically. Now I finally know what is causing my sickness, so with treatment I hope to be better soon.

        I have a genetic disorder that causes toxic poisonous amounts of iron to build up in my body. The condition is called Hereditary Hemochromatosis. It can be deadly, but I have caught it in time, so I should be much better soon. The disorder is easy to treat but the problem is finding a doctor who understands this condition.

        If you visit the U.S. again, I will make every effort to see you. ❤

  1. I don’t know what happened, my last comment was meant to say “I very much enjoyed talking with you,” but my autocorrect changed it to “Just enjoyed talking with you.” I wish my tablet computer would stop doing that. 🙂

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