Virtuous Vera My Heroine

The Time to Act is Now (2015 theme for the Day)

Virtuous woman

I know about the whole proverbs passage about a virtuous woman, and fortunately that passage starts with a question – wondering who can find such a woman? It therefore remains an ideal I guess!

Anyway, in all honesty, I can say finding a woman who exhibits any virtue – qualifies her to be called virtuous. This is the kind of woman I found in Vera, and on this World Aids Day, you’ll all agree by the end of this post, that she was and still is full of goodness and such virtue to be called My Virtuous Vera.

Let me start from the verry beginning now:

Meeting Vera’s Mum

In Novembere 2006, I was on my way to the North of Cameroon via Bamenda in the North West, on a one month maiden mission for a mobile telecommunications company. I needed to do my hair before going further north, because although Boko Haram wasn’t yet exixting, that part of the country has always had its own reputation. I therefore went in search of a hairdresser and my intuition cum sniffing around led me to Vera Mother’s Salon (Hair Dressing Parlour for others) 🙂 After warming up to each other, her mum said she thought Vera and I were twins from different wombs. She took my number and gave it to Vera. That was the take off whistle and we are still on the field of life playing on the winning team if you may ask me 🙂

Vera my star

Vera called and showed up at my house a few months later, initially invited to spend a weekend, but immediately cajoled to spend the entire week. I mean not all sisters stem from biology – I bear witness to the chemical compostion of many relationships 🙂

Now read on about the star in this young lady. She dates a guy, falls heads over all about him, he leaves her and goes a roaming, gets smacked with an A grade from Mr HIV, comes crying to Vera, and she not gives him another chance, but oh my she says YES to that oga as I now call him. I mean when she told me all that even before saying that YES, my eyes and mouth just remaine wide open!!!

The next part which I personally witnessed when I visited their home for a week, was the way Vera pampered this oga!!! Oga had balanced diets three times a day. His meds were meticulously placed by those meals, and the alternative treatments and therapies were ever on Vera’s mind. Maybe doing all that and then having a baby, made Vera less of a beffiting romance? I dunno!!! All I can say is that, one day Oga thought he’d had enough – accused Vera of pitying him more than loving him. He uped and left like a thief while she had left for school –  his hiatus cum self imposed exile lasted a year!!!

There’s a climax!!! Oga came back once more, and laid out conditions to be fulfilled before… He said Vera had changed and become too INDEPENDENT. Fortunately for them both, Vera had indeed had enough too  and could only tolerate him for 90 or so sunsets.

Vera was one of the three people I prayed my stars to reunite with. There is Beautfiul Bea and Darling Dorcas (whom I’ll write soon about). I love Vera to the moon and back. Another of my back bones – can leave my life and all in her/their care. I treated Vera to Lunch yesterday, and just thinking of her last night made me invite her out again today. I am happy to be the first to take her to a restaurant she had always seen but never stepped inside. Vera and I can talk and talk and talk, and then just stay silent and savour and savour and savour!!!

Dear all, on this day when we think about all those affected by the Aids pandemic, let’s also celebrate those who give chunks and even all of their lives, to take care of them. Vera is a virtuous woman in my books, for the goodness she showed in loving this oga so and – to this ridiculous extent. Her sacrifice makes what I did for Violet fade out…

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