Making Light of Bipolar Disorder: An Ignorant Rant By an Influential Man

What I read here as remarks made by a seemingly ‘influential blogger – OM as he goes’ , is to me both invalidating with hints of denial. Let me explain some: I find his remarks invalidating of all those who for whatever reason are almost in a ‘defeated stance’ in front of Goliath bp, and given what I know my own brother went through, I just can’t let this pass without getting back at OM. And it’s for this reason that I dare say he is in denial or something (he alone knows what), and as some would shy behind and do, he finds a scapegoat by taking pleasure and advantage of his ‘influential platform’ to rumble and bubble to near babble to put it this mildly. There are limits you know, for example on the best approach to manage your condition or know for sure what it is etc, but making light of what oh so so many go through is to me abject ridicule of both thyself and all these others including myself – bipolar or not!!!

The Bipolar Compass

People of WordPress. Please. I’m on my knees begging you to listen to what I have to say. I desperately need your help. Don’t dismiss this post as wanting attention. I could care less about my views and my likes. This is something that is so much more than me and hits at the core of my entire blog. The purpose of my entire writing!

I know by posting this my reputation and entire blog is on the line. I know that I’m up against a giant with a massive army ready to stand with him and I’m scared to death that I’ll lose. I’m scared of the kind of backlash I’ll get and how triggering it could be. But I’m determined to not go down without a fight.

Earlier this evening, I was browsing around the Reader and came across a heart-breaking post from one of my favorite followers Jason Cushman…

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5 thoughts on “Making Light of Bipolar Disorder: An Ignorant Rant By an Influential Man”

  1. My younger son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager. I agree, bipolar isn’t funny. It is hell for the person experiencing it and it is hell for the family and friends who love him or her.

    However, I do not believe that the author of the blog post meant to offend anyone. He was writing a journal entry about the raging emotions and obsessions that he often experiences inside his own head. I have read his blog long enough to know a lot of his back story. I know that OM, Jason Cushman, has suffered from extreme depression. I know that he has attempted suicide at least once. I believe he may have undiagnosed bipolar himself.

    When OM Jason Cushman called bipolar “amusing,” he used poor judgment in his choice of words. Using poor judgment in word choice is something that we all do sometimes.

    OM followed that sentence about bipolar being amusing with a sentence explaining that he has “so many polars” he feels like a tornado. This tells me that he was suffering emotionally when he wrote that post and that he was Not Thinking Clearly at the time.

    Not Thinking Clearly is common during bipolar extreme states, as you know. I think that OM/Jason needs gentle correction, kindness, and compassion right now, not public bashing.

    People make jokes all of the time about things that are not funny! Heart attacks are not funny! My father died of a heart attack when he was only 53. And my 66 year old husband has had 3 heart attacks. I worry every day that he may have another heart attack and die. I will be devastated if it happens, because he is my best friend.

    But I do not get angry when I hear people make jokes about heart attacks. Humor is a tool we often use to deal with the pain in life. People say, “You surprised me! You almost gave me a heart attack!” And then they LAUGH, as though heart attacks are funny. But we all know that heart attacks are not funny. Heart attacks are terrible, horribly painful, and deadly serious.

    I care about Opinionated Man Jason Cushman. I know he is hurting from all the people who are bashing him online now. Jason/OM is the same age as my bipolar son. Jason is funny, he is very intelligent, he is kind and caring, and he is generous. He is also human, which means he is not perfect. Being human also means that he feels real, deep PAIN when people bash him online for using the word “amusing” about a subject that is…. as serious as a heart attack.

    OM/Jason had posted an apology for his bipolar post:

    Marie, I care about you very much. I know understand why you are upset about this. If you disagree with my thinking about this matter, I hope we can still be friends. ❤

    1. Linda, you bring this matter to a befitting rest. OM has posted an apology, speaks enough. Sure you are my friend. Yes I got hurt, and yes I understood Jason was probably in a very shitty corner. I also took real offence because 3 people at different intervals got him to make better choices of words and he literally told them off. The bashing to me is though love, which is one ‘effective’ technique often used to help a love one out. I have nothing personal against OM, but now that you put a lot of perspective and even talk about your son, on gosh I empathize…

  2. It’s sad. People shouldn’t make fun of an illness, a condition for across the globe, everyone is fighting a battle. Hope we become more compassionate in what we speak or write.

    1. thanks Vishal, it would appear the author of the “fun”, is himself not in a position to make good choices of words be they spoken or written. Indeed, he latter posted an apology about the previous post. That notwithstanding, I do agree with you and add that when you chose to make public even your journal, you should be ready for either public applause or lashing. Therefore, although my blog is mine to do with as I please, there are invisible ‘rules and all’ about be it blogging or anything ‘public’.

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